Dolph Ziggler Health Update, More On Christian's Return

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Dolph Ziggler Health Update

Dolph Ziggler is medically cleared to compete and the kayfabe article by dot com on Monday afternoon was just that. WWE took his concussion very seriously and wouldn't clear him to wrestle until he was 100% healthy and showing no signs of post-concussion syndrome.

Christian's Return

Christian wasn't concealed at this week's Monday Night Raw. We'd actually heard from people that said they spotted him but didn't feel it was worth mentioning since we couldn't confirm his return. Christian's return had become a priority backstage in WWE in recent weeks.

  • Justin Lal

    I wonder if WWE will have Ziggler win MITB as face and cash in on Del Rio. There’s no need for him to win it since he has a rematch clause.

  • frenchfry

    well done covering your butts lol, that christian blerb served no other purpose besides that