Dolph Ziggler Highlights Randy Orton Botch; Jim Ross Says Upcoming Raw In Oklahoma City Will Be "Special" For Him

The official WWE YouTube channel posted a clip from "WWE Download" of Dolph Ziggler highlighting a Randy Orton botch. Ziggler also calls Orton "the cure for insomnia" and references popular online series Botchamania. The video is embedded below:

-Jim Ross has teased that an upcoming edition of Raw will be special for him, in the tweet below:

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending in the tweet.

  • Mastermind

    Now dolph goes jobbing to RKO

    • Howard Stern

      Oh goodness I hope not

  • BigMike

    Like he has not botched before he is a great heel but I hope he really is not this much of an ass IRL I mean Jericho is a great heel but truly one of the best people in person he just knows how to turn it on with Nicky here IDK

  • Billkmc

    Oh that made me chuckle haha

  • Anand

    A pretty nice way to build a feud 🙂 use a legit botch to garner heat. Finally something worthwhile for ziggler to do.

  • Jashaun

    The table botched

  • Sjenttivensventa

    Randy Orton is a botch

  • Zack

    I feel like JR could be "officially" retiring in OKC

  • stoney

    I just hope Vince doesn't plan on ribbing JR