Dolph Ziggler Improving But Still Not Cleared

Dolph Ziggler saw a neuropsychologist in Pittsburgh on Thursday as a result of the concussion he suffered at this week's WWE Superstars taping in Baltimore, Maryland. According to, Ziggler underwent ImPACT testing and balance testing. The tests appeared to be "equivocal to baseline and within normal limits."

WWE reports Ziggler's symptoms have improved significantly since the injury on Monday and the plan is continued rest until he is asymptomatic. Once he reaches that point, he'll be cleared for light cardio and will proceed from there.

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  • The Breaker

    I wouldn’t like it if Ziggler misses a lot of time but it’s most important that he fully recovers before returning to the ring. Can’t take any chances.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Surprise return at RR! I doubt it, but I can hope.

      I wish for him to full recover first too, but like I said, I can hope..

      • BIG M

        Just under 3 weeks till Rumble he would be pushing it but its possible.
        The problem with concussions is that after you have 1 you become susceptible to them.
        If I were Ziggler I would do more to protect my head by not taking so many bumps harder than needed for the sake of making Pro Wrestling look more “REAL”.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Yeah I know it can take a while before you can recover from a concussion, it’d just be nice for him to return and get the win 🙂 I’ve been really high on Dolph for a while.