Dolph Ziggler On John Cena - "Personally I'm Sick Of Him"

Dolph Ziggler recently revealed his SummerSlam predictions at SLAM! Wrestling, and had the following to say about John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan:

"Once again, I'm going to go with the guy who has a chip on his shoulder, something to prove. He's a smaller guy, he's not just a wrestler. Cena, personally I'm sick of him. Ten years, doing the same thing, same five moves, the crowd loves him, the crowd hates him, either way, he does the same thing ... I'm sick of it. I understand the awesome charity work he does, I understand what he represents, he makes a great face for our company ... I'd rather see his face on a WWE dollar bill than Daniel Bryan's. But I feel like we need a change, and as much as I feel like I'm that change, Daniel Bryan is in the position to actually beat John Cena. Not to go out there and go, 'oh, hey, he had a really good match, great, let's move on.' I don't know what's going to happen. I hope he wins."

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  • PFA56

    Was that real or kayfabe its hard to tell with Ziggler.
    Always Seems a little bit up himself can’t tell if its just him in character or if he is really like that either way wish he would tone it down a bit.

    • amaanakter

      But isnt that a sign of a great wrestling psychologist that you don’t know where the character ends and the real life person begins just another great talent if you ask me

      • Chris

        Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. Kayfabe isn’t dead and Ziggler is proof of that.

  • steve pritchard

    Where’s the haters ? If this was cm punk that made these comments he would be crucified by the haters! Just goes to show fan is a short term for fanatic. But troll means exactly what it says!

  • _JIM_

    Ziggler’s mouth is going to end up shooting himself in the foot if he doesn’t watch what he’s saying. By bad mouthing Cena publicly, Ziggler is disagreeing with the companies decision making. Because it was WWE’s decision to have Cena on top for so long, and by telling the press “I’m tired of him” he is making a big mistake IMO. If he wants that spot, and feels Cena shouldn’t be in it, he needs to do Cena’s job better than Cena does. Which means he’s going to have to out work Cena, and that doesn’t mean just out performing him in the ring. Because we all know he can do that hands down. He’s going to have to out work him with all of the outside of the ring stuff too. Not to mention he still has to get himself over like Cena is. Dolph still has a little way to go IMO. But I also think WWE is going to have to give him that chance sooner than later too. I love Ziggler’s work and totally agree with him, but I also don’t think that him running his mouth in the press is the way that he is going to get the company to give him that chance.

    • Ricky

      I’m pretty sure those comments are a work and he was in character. Still I agree with him in the ten years Cena has been on top his offense has been basically the same I think he added the top top leg drop and STF but that’s it. At this rate we’ll get another new move from in in about 3 more years.

    • Patrick

      I agree Ziggler bad mouthing Cena in public is not going to do him any favors with Vince and HHH. regardless if he really does feel that way and is not in character…..he’s better proving he can be the one to take Cena’s spot. no matter who it is he bad mouths them in public he is going to end up getting buried.

  • Jaryd

    If that was in character it’s actually really clever. Because Cena is the psuedo heel of the programme so techincally he’s doing the right thing there allignment-wise.

  • Lebron James

    I feel the exact same way. Kudos for speaking up, Dolph.

  • Xavier

    Ziggler is really starting to turn a into crybaby. Instead of b1tching about Cena he should step up his game if he wants his spot. But I doubt he will, he’ll just continue to cry on the Internet about it. Very disappointed with Ziggler here. With Ziggler being a face I doubt this was kayfabe, this also isn’t the first time he’s made comments about Cena. Hey Dolph, Jealousy is a female trait.

  • Splat

    “Personally I’m Sick Of Him”

    Welcome to the club…

  • Xavier

    Bryan just got the ultimate rub. Glad there was no cash in.

  • Xavier

    I spoke to sopn