Dolph Ziggler On Part Time Talent In WWE - "It Really Pisses Me Off"

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XFINITY has a new Q&A online with Dolph Ziggler to promote Wrestlemania 29. In it, he's asked about part-time talent in WWE.

XFINITY: You mentioned the people on the lighter schedules. We’re approaching a Wrestlemania where four of the six main eventers don’t wrestle that often. Does that annoy you, does it inspire you?

Dolph Ziggler: It’s both. It really pisses me off. But, it also is good business. Every year a part timer comes back, but there’s a reason that they’re back. Whether it’s the fans want to see them, if they’re a draw, if they’re a movie star, there’s a reason that they’re back. They’re not back just to do it. There’s business to be had. And it pisses me off and it motivates me a hundred percent. It makes me want to be that guy that they’re begging to come back. I appreciate it, it’s just good business. When people come to Wrestlemania to see the Rock and the Undertaker and they leave that Wrestlemania thinking, “Wow, that Dolph Ziggler stole the show. I can’t wait to tune in to ‘Raw’ to see what he does next.” That’s how I’ve lived my entire career.

You can read the lengthy Q&A here where Ziggler reveals his childhood favorite was Ric Flair and put over Arn Anderson as the unsung hero at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Alyssa Dmyterko for sending us the link.

  • H.M.

    Heading is misleading and implies that he’s bitter lol.

    • I disagree. I think the headline highlights his motivation to be in the top of the card. Bitter would have been to publicly call out Rock or Brock. He didn’t do that and we didn’t imply that.

      • Nathen

        No, it definitely makes him sound bitter, since the quotes about his motivation is hidden in the post. If one just read the headline they would likely assume Dolph is bitter.

        • Don’t judge a book by its cover, in that sense don’t judge a story by its headline, read the story, see the part where he says it pisses him off, and read his justification why. God people are stupid these days

          • Nathen

            You’re funny. Amusing post. I did read the article. I understand the context of the quote.

            However, that doesn’t change the fact that if someone o only read the headline in passing Dolph sounds bitter.

            Also, it is always in the best interest of all involved parties if you leave the insults out.

      • K!ng

        I didn’t find anything in the title wrong and i think Dolph has the right attitude about it. its not like he went of on a rant but just saying it motivates him and he kinda praises these guys saying that they are begged to come back. If the full time talent doesn’t like the part timers coming in because they can draw then they need to start getting creative themselves instead of waiting for creative to do it for them and become bigger draws.

      • Nostaljack

        Oh, please. The headline highlights no such thing. Let’s not be naive here. It’s a sensationalist headline. You can’t not know that. Really, the way around it would have been “It Really Pisses Me Off…”. That would have accomplished your obvious goal to get people to read the article all the while indicating that there was more to what was said. For my part, I’m not bothered by the headline; just making an observation.

    • It’s a good lead. To me it’s like Wow Ziggler hates the part timers… I want to know why. The article goes into detail why he hates and understands it. Catchy titles bring people into threads/topics.

    • Its not misleading in the slightest since ziggler actually said it pisses him off, which is true. The headline is correct and headlines are designed to draw people’s attention first and foremost, considering you’re here commenting it clearly has worked

      • Matt

        Ah, never heard of quoting out of context, eh?
        So if you said: “I hate Gingers, I mean I wish I had red hair and could parade around like that, they just look great”
        And the next day a paper has the headline: “Simon hates Gingers!”,
        it is not misleading in the slightest? After all you actually said it…

        Oh boy, just come on and get your head out of a certain somebody’s behind.

        This headline is a prime example of misleading journalism. It’s the quality I would expect from “The Sun” or other boulevard magazines… eeew.

  • chris

    Instead of bitching, Ziggler and Ryder and all other young stars better step it up. Make it so WWE doesn’t NEED any part-timers. But agreeing to everything, being thrown in an team with Big E Langston, is Dolphs own fault. I don’t care wheter you gotta bitch and moan to Vince, it worked for Swagger. And that’s also how Y2J and HBK got into the main event, just be vocal about it.

  • stoney

    Sometimes I think most of the roster need more control over their characters and be able to write their own lines.
    It’s HHH and Vinces fault why most of the full timers don’t draw.

  • Jag

    “Wow, that Dolph Ziggler stole the show. I can’t wait to tune in to ‘Raw’ to see what he does next.” ……..Said No One Ever.

  • -|AZ|-

    I like how Kofi (a few days back he was asked something similar), and now Dolph handled this question. Goes on to show the level of maturity the possess, both as a person and a pro-wrestler. Can’t wait for Ziggy to cash-in and get the push he deserves…