Dolph Ziggler On Why He's Not Being Pushed; DDP's Visit To The WWE Performance Center

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- Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Dolph Ziggler about his stalled push, the fans that have turned on him, his reputation of speaking out too much, his dream WrestleMania opponents, and more. The interview is available at this link or embedded below:

- Diamond Dallas Page recently took part in an "Ask Me Anything" interview on Reddit, and spoke on a variety of topics, including his WWE run and a recent visit to the WWE Performance Center. Click here to view it.

  • Nostaljack

    Nice Ziggler interview. He’s quick and he’s got a great sense of humor. When asked about why he’s not being pushed, he didn’t come off as whiney which is good. I’m not sure he’s understanding the importance of watching his tongue but I’m not sure he could even if he did get it. He’s a loose-lipped guy who’s just gonna say what he’s gonna say. A shame, too, because he’ll live in that doghouse until he learns some restraint.

    • Patrick

      I agree he needs to learn when he can and can’t speak up. at the same time WWE needs to learn to quit being so thin-skined about such things. they get so bent out of shape when a wrestler says some negitive things….the man has his rights to speak up if he is unhappy..but it should be done behind closed doors.

      • Jonny D. Tyler

        Let’s be honest. WWE wasted his baby face turn. The WWE has lost its ways. Remember the heel turn of Bret and the baby face turn of Austin?! How about the baby face turn of the Rock? I think in order to save him, the WWE will need to re-invest in him. Maybe with an epic fued?

    • BrettHD

      I don’t buy for a second that any of the things he’s gotten in trouble for saying were anything more than excuses to hold the guy back. The things he said are the same things that everyone else in the company not named john cena have said publicly as well. To some extent the only way to prompt change in any business is to speak up. Two of the all time greats Punk and Austin got to the top by calling bs on the people in charge of the company and im not talking about their on air promos that pushed em over the top…. im talking about interviews given for magazines, the internet, and tv appearances outside of wwe.
      If you’ve kept up with punk on Twitter over the past cpl years you know he makes more ininflammatory statements about wwe on a fairly regular basis, than anything ziggler has said, and yet nobody in management seems to care.
      So there’s more to this than ziggler not knowing when to bite his tongue. It reminds me more of the way hhh used to run to Vince and bury guys the minute it looked like he’d have to share the spotlight.

      • Noelz

        That’s exactly what I said…it’s part of the locker room mentality…unless you’re one of the big guys in the room you don’t dare talk about the coaches bad play calling…that’s a no no…and the whole Ryder shirt thing is bs…so what he wore his friends shirt…in his home town…big deal…the world didn’t end and they were gonna chant for Ryder anyway…I think there’s definitely more to this…ppl have done far more and have gotten punished far less

  • Stephen Cash

    He reminds me a lot of JoMo… Has all the potential, but his ego is holding him back. Like the Ryder shirt thing?!? Why?!?

  • Vin Sidious

    I believe WWE shoots themselves in the foot every time they derail a push on a guy who’s on the verge of breaking through to the next level. Remember the excitement in the crowd the night Ziggler beat ADR for the strap? WWE nearly had a new, legit main event talent. Then they whizzed all over him, squandered his push and got petty and vindictive when he spoke up. WWE needs workers to get over to be continuously successful, so every guy who almost makes it : Ziggler, Ryback, Kofi, Miz, only to get killed by bad booking or punished by Management, is self- destructive.

    • Mike Farris

      well also right after Ziggler beat ADR for the Strap he also suffered that concussion that kept him out of action for almost 2 months while the belt was around his waist putting the title picture in a state of hold