Dolph Ziggler On Why Randy Orton Makes Him Sick

Mike Jones (who?) interviewed Dolph Ziggler to promote Sunday's WWE live event from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. While Ziggler was clearly working in the interview, his comments about Randy Orton could be more legitimate than one may think. Below is a paraphrased excerpt:

If you've been familiar with WWE for the last 10 years or so you would understand that without Triple H coming out front and coming out and saying, 'this is our face no matter what, we're behind him.' If you've been watching the last 10 years or so, you would already know they [WWE] already made their mind up about him [Orton] a long time ago. No matter what he does. Good or bad they're behind him and they will go out of their way to cut people's legs out from underneath them to make sure Randy comes out looking great. So the fact that's now out in the open and I'm allowed to comment on it, it actually kind of makes me sick. I'm really happy for Randy. He's awesome, he's so good at this it makes me mad how good he is. But the opportunities that he gets over and over again make that chip on my shoulder seem that much bigger to me.

This comes after our report from earlier this week that Ziggler is in the WWE doghouse due to a rumored incident/confrontation with Orton.

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

  • Stoney

    Dolph really needs to keep his foot out of his mouth, he’s already in the doghouse.
    He’s starting to act like Matt Hardy, a whiny, entitled nutbar

    • Matt Hansen

      He keeps getting screwed time and time again just like Matt Hardy was. He has worked his ass off from being the nobody cheerleader to where he is now and deserves more but because he criticized Randy Orton for botching he is being punished. How is that fair? The Shield had heat on them too because of him. The point is, he is not saying false things, he is pointing out facts. You don’t like him? Fine that is your right but don’t try and act like he is saying this stuff because he is a whiner, he has worked his ass off while Orton has had everything handed to him even though he keeps screwing up.

      • steve pritchard

        I couldn’t agree more . Orton has had chance after chance in this company and has fell flat every time. I think he’s great in the ring but very bad behind the scenes. However ziggler needs to stop taking his grievances to the Internet . The web is not a good place to air your dirty laundry. I know I defend punk for this all the time but we expect this out of punk that’s just who he is like it or not. But ziggler is still up and coming he will get his time to shine very soon I believe .

        • Mike

          can,t say i blame him for it. feels horrible as a fan having waited almost a year for ziggler to cash in only for him to do like 3 promos and lose his first match to “the same old thingoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo del rio” and for there to be nothing to work on now, no title chase, stuck in a tag match in the mid card at summerslam and now in the doghouse for something to do backstage and nothing to do with his work. They let him have the briefcase for wayy to long to justify him being champ just over a month. I,d love to see him be the first to help bryan against evocorp 2.0. Give him the push he deserves and run with it and if it fails keep him at midcard but for god sake stop thinking alberto is the cena of smackdown cos he couldn,t be a hit even in tna.

  • Matt Hansen

    Was the (who?) really necessary?

    • Haha 281-330-8004 BABY! Mike Jones! Sorry, I’m old but that CD was awesome.

      • Matt Hansen

        Oh okay sorry I didn’t get that reference.

        • I didn’t either, so I’m glad it was explained. Feeling really old right now.

      • Lebron James

        Haha, that was awesome. I thought the exact same thing when I read the name. I had a feeling someone was going to be confused by that.

        • Lebron James #2


    • lll

      It really wasn’t necessary, but I assume he is making fun of the name because there is a rapper named Mike Jones that made the ‘who’ trademark his own.

  • preston

    Yes it was

  • ExcuseMyFrench

    Lol at Richards comment. I was thinking the same thing, mike jooooones lol. Is this the same Mike Jones? …..I see where Dolph is coming from but I don’t think speaking to the public about RKO is going to work in his favor.

    • No different Mike Jones, lol

      • michael

        I thought I was the only one who got that

  • ExcuseMyFrench

    No it’s not. Just clicked the link an that is NOT mike jones, there are some obvious differences between the two.

  • Matt

    I feel bad for Ziggler, he worked hard to get to where he is starting off from being Chavo/Kerwin Whites caddy to a freakin cheerleader to where he is now.
    How many chances will Orton get? he defecates in peoples bags, has had two wellness strikes, and calls women C-words.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Don’t worry, one more failed wellness test and he’s gone! I didn’t want it to happen but Orton has always made me sick, I dislike for him is not about him being a heel and how he screwed over Bryan, it’s reality heat, he’s overrated, he’s an asshole, he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. So come on Randy! One more strike! Pick up some pills, get that needle in your system! I beggin you! I can’t stand Orton!

      • Matt

        You think we’ll hear if he fails again? WWE wouldn’t want the public embarrassment of the flag holder getting sacked.

        • Hercules Rockerfeller

          Yeah that could very well happen but when he got his second wellness strike, wasn’t he in the main event picture over on Smackdown for the world title?

          • thepowerserge

            VKM has a really short memory of “strikes” on the BS “policy.” As long as a guy like Orton is on his crotch, he’ll look the other way. If Orton were to get a third strike, it’s doubtful we’d ever hear about it, unlike the myriad of jobbers who are on the undercard. Pretty much sums up why I can’t stand seeing Orton as “the guy.”

  • amaanakter

    I agree with everything that Orton has said the WWE does everything they can to give Orton opportunity after opportunity at the expense of others. But unfortunetely for Ziggler he is just not in the position to say things like this he already has heat on him already and who knows how he is going to be booked now. He just needs to keep his mouth shut for the timebeing its such a shame the year started off so great for Ziggler and its hit such a slump now I just hope that things get better for Dolph even though we haven’t got the details on what the altercation was between the two but Orton hasn’t got the best reputation just ask CM Punk, the Shield and John Cena

  • Xavier

    I don’t think there is enough kleenex in the world to try Ziggler’s tears, dude has been doing a lot of b****ing on the internet the past year. I agree that Orton is a spoiled brat who’s gotten away with a bunch of ish because of Triple H’s backing but damn Ziggler if your not bad mouthing Orton, or complaining about your spot on the card or crying about the fact that you don’t have Cena’s spot then your constantly b****ing about something else to the dirt sheets. And it’s a shame really because Ziggler is super talented and has so much upside but I’m seriously doubting that he’ll ever get there now because he seems more interested in trying to get sympathy from the IWC then he does about his craft.

    • steve pritchard

      If he has a problem with his position in the company then he needs to step his game up instead of bitching on the Internet like zack Ryder . I don’t think physical violence with Orton is the answer . Ziggler isn’t a veteran like booker or Bautista so I don’t think beating Ortons ass will go over to we’ll for him. But you can’t deny Orton is just as big of a cry baby pre maddona as ziggler . Orton is just smart enough to not take it to the Internet.

  • Vaneyscopaz

    If it wasnt for orton, Kofi would probably have like 3 whc’s runs by now

  • AB

    Even if Ziggler is 100% on the money with his comments, he’s got to be smarter than that. He’s already in the doghouse having gotten heat with influential people backstage. Venting his frustrations and tearing into people as he’s been doing has to be sabotaging him as much as anyone’s locker room politics and power plays. If he doesn’t bite his tongue soon, he’ll be stuck in the midcard as long as he’s in the company. Gotta have more common sense than he’s showing here.

  • _JIM_

    The next person to side with Bryan on Tv Is going to get over in a huge way. So this could all just be a work to put Ziggler in that spot. It wouldn’t be the first time WWE has played off of a legit issue to further an angle, and it won’t be the last.

  • Alexi

    While I appreciate Dolph’s honesty/speaking his mind there is a time and a place for it and he’s not helping himself by doing so publicly. But yeah Randy is a joke he from all I heard(obviously never met the guy) treats people like crap, buries people, while over is not a draw, and can’t cut a promo to save his life. Only thing he’s good for is putting insomniacs to sleep with his promo’s

  • BigMike

    Orton is a Diva and he was an ass whenhe first went to WWF and his attitude got checked by Taker and others then he settled down BUT has always been spoon fed and had his hand held even with 2 strikes