Dolph Ziggler One Of The Best?, HHH's Thoughts On Randy Orton's Suspension, Heat With Mick Foley, Austin Wrestling Again

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Along with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, would you say Dolph Ziggler is one of the best workers in the business?

Dolph Ziggler has been one of WWE's best workers all year long. In several of my Richard Reacts podcasts I've called him the new workhorse of WWE. So to answer your question, he is right along with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as one of the best workers in WWE.

What is Triple H's take on Randy Orton's suspension?

Vince McMahon and Triple H met with Randy Orton on June 1st where it's believed they let him know the company was seriously considering cutting him. I've heard from sources that believe they were serious while others feel they were just trying to scare him. Regardless, both McMahon and Hunter were very upset and disappointed with Randy Orton and mad that he could allow this to happen at this stage in his career.

I've heard Triple H doesn't like Mick Foley. Why?

It's not that Triple H doesn't like Mick Foley, he just doesn't feel he has the look of a star and shouldn't be booked as a top guy. I've reported stories of Hunter doing everything from delaying Foley's return contract to nixing pitched creative plans involving him in possible pay-per-view matches.

Will Steve Austin ever wrestle again?

I've said time and time again I felt Steve Austin was finished in the ring but it seems he's at least considering one more match, possibly at Wrestlemania XXIX next year. Plans have gone back and forth and it will ultimately hinge on Austin's desire to work again as well as the possibility of taking a backseat to The Rock and Brock Lesnar who are already penciled in for next year's show.

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  • BigMike

    HHH can feel that way all he wants when Mick was an active wrestler, he helped put HHH at the top with their series of matches, Mick was a very hard worker for the company when he was an active wrestler so HHH is right that he does not have the "look" but he has the heart drive and passion that made him an ICON

    • Jordan King

      @ Big Mike I totally agree with u Mick might not look like a wrestler but not very few are willing to put there bodies thru what he did

      • Maybe he doesn’t want Foley on tv because he doesn’t want a toothless man in a plaid shirt as the face of his pg show. I love foley and his work, but like heyman said, this wwe is different than the wwe 19 years ago.

        • Jeremy

          There were no WWE 19 years ago, it was called WWF before it got change to WWE in 2003. So to that fact this WWE is not the same WWE 9 years ago.

          • I knew someone would point that out. Lol. It was a typo. I meant to say 10 years ago.

          • Thanks for the history lesson kid. It was actually a typo. I meant to say 10, not 19.

          • XKonn247

            Thanks Jeremy for clearing that up. I always wondered about that!!! #MyGod

    • Daniel Lim'ass

      Very ungrateful of HHH for that

    • G Ilyas

      He did the same for the Rock as well. If there's any wrestler who stayed faithful to the WWE without necessarily being a top star, it's Foley and Kane.

      • Kevin

        No disrespect to Mick, but you're wrong about his faithfulness. Have you forgotten his stint in TNA? He came out in his debut and said he left WWE because he was tired of Vince always screaming in his ear, "Say it, DAMN IT!" (This was while Mick was at the announce table.) When his time at TNA ran out, he went back to WWE as if nothing had ever happened. As for his look, I like it. But HHH is right: he doesn't have the "superstar look" the WWE is looking for today. In his prime, Mick had the look that worked. He is a hardcore legend, and always will be, so the look he had (and still does) says just that. In today's WWE, if you're not big and muscular and well cut (with few exceptions), then you just don't fit in to Vince's world.

  • Autista

    Triple H is an idiot. Mick Foley carried Hunter in their Hell In A Cell match back in 2000. Memorable spots from Mick, not Hunter.

  • Christ 4 Life

    It would be interesting to see Punk vs. Stone Cold, but would Punk turn heel, or would Stone Cold?

    • fedws

      why not face vs face? like cena & rock

    • Best in the World

      That would be an interesting match, I'd love to see that happen. I don't know if little kids would like to see that because most of them are anti-Punk and they were too young for SCSA so they probably won't really know what to do maybe cheer him because their dad is. If it is in NY/NJ next year I think it would be a great atmosphere.

    • Kevin

      Stone Cold has never been either heel or face; he's just been Stone Cold Steve Austin. He would fight heels as quickly as faces if that's what it took to get to the belt. He reminded me a lot of Dirty Dutch Mantel. He walked that line between face and heel, and wrestled whomever he had to in order to obtain the heavyweight belt. Stone Cold would come back for one more match against the Rock as quickly as Punk or Brock. Personally, I'd love to see Stone Cold's final match be against the Rock, as they had some classic matches back in the day.

  • Willie

    Is it me but I think Vince is givin da wrong man da job!!!!! HHH

  • James

    Ziggler has been great for the past 3 years. His matches with Orton are amazing. Hes like Mr. Perfect, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels all rolled up into one.

    • Kevin

      I agree. Ziggler is the only top-notch wrestler in the company today who hasn't carried the belt (unless I missed something somewhere). He deserves to carry either the WWE or Heavyweight title for an extended period of time. He'd make a Perfect champion.

      • kevin

        He sucks. You can see him calling spits in every match, and slapping himself every time he throws a punch, kick, dropkick ect.

      • kevin

        Sorry ment to type spots

  • Steve l

    Mick was agood worker. But at this stage in his carreer he has no,business in a ppv match.

  • luke

    triple h is right about ppv matches with mick foley because the chances are it would be a horrible gimmick match which wouldnt add to the ppv and more importantly i dont want to see a legend in that kind match

    • Kevin

      Actually, if Mick has one more match in him (and by that, I mean one more great match), I hope he spends it in a Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker. They had awesome chemistry, and to be honest, I'm sure they each have only one match left (although I'm not sure either could really go in a cage the way they used to). I hope when UT decides to have his final match, it's against Foley in HITC at WM.

  • Mark

    Yeah sorry at this point I don’t understand trips’ gripe. Foley was one of the bigger draws for a period of time and is the guy who made him an elite superstar. And fans still legitimately love to see him in any form. Also why would Austin take a backseat to rock and especially leaner. He ha not wrestled in 9 years and he is a much bigger draw than lesnar

  • Jeff Ono

    Of course, Mick Foley has more heart and passion for wrestling than most superstars. But it's hard to package that heart and passion when he's no longer risking his body with serious bumps (thanks God, he's playing it safe now). Triple H is right, from a business perspective, that Foley just doesn't offer the staying power because of his "look." It shouldn't be a criticism of either man, and we shouldn't be sensationalizing any friction. Foley wants to remain in the spotlight (understandably so), and Triple H doesn't think that it's a good business decision. It's that simple. Triple H knows that Foley helped build his character/career, just like his other top opponents. Sometimes, in business, you just have to make tough decisions. And while I love Foley (who really seems like a decent man), he's not someone who will get me excited about the program, watching at home or in the arena.

  • Jc wiener

    Stone cold take a back seat to rock and Brock I’m sorry but if he were to wrestle again when that glass breaks it WILL be the best pop all night long

    • scott seefong

      rock and brock again at wrestlemania

  • Brandon

    I think Austin should stay out of the ring for matches. His match against The Rock at WrestleMania XIX suits well for a retirement match. Don't pull a Ric Flair Steve. As much as I want you to come back, just stay away from the ring and stay healthy. That way he can have more WWE appearance as a surprise run-ins or special referee.

    • H.M.

      You do realize he's considering a one-off return match right? Nothing more? You can only imagine the hype Austin would generate if he were to wrestle one more match after 9 years. That ain't a Ric Flair he's pulling; far from it.

    • MonsterMike42

      Flair retired because he wanted to retire. Steve retired because years of injuries piled up. Namely his neck injuries.

      • bettysteve

        rick flair retired? when??!!

  • Blake

    Stone cold vs cm punk

  • Deuce

    Please, Hunter's career wouldn't be nearly as big as it was if it wasn't for Foley. Think about all of the things with DX and one of Foley's personas or how about HHH vs Cactus Jack in the Hell in a Cell.

  • Mojo

    Beard? Check. Long hair? Check. About 6’4″? Check. C’mon HHH – you guys are practically twins!

    • MonsterMike42

      Except HHH is in shape and Mick Foley is in.. another shape.

      • Kevin

        Mick Foley is in shape! Round is a shape! LOL Seriously, though, I LOVE Mick. Cactus Jack and Terry Funk were (and forever will be) the Kings of Hardcore.

  • overtaker

    Austin v Marella

  • Wes

    Hhh is just selfish and wants all the spotlight on him great example him going over cm punk last year

  • Paul

    I know we’ve seen it 3 times and it would have no where near the significance it used to but I would still love to see the rock vs stone cold again, it’s my favourite ever rivalry and 2 of them (17 & 19) were in my top wrestlemania matches ever.

  • Nameless1

    The only time I see scad taking a backseat to leaner is if he’s paralyzed and can’t wrestle or somebody brainwashes the fans (leaner is just not freakin interesting and nobody cares about heyman). For people that freak out over the rock mabye he would take a back seat to him and for people that are “politically correct” and don’t like their kids seeing that kind of person and knowing that there are people like that everywhere, but for a true scsa fan he will never take a backseat to anybody anyhere at anytime and that’s the bottom line….

    • Nameless1

      My iPod changed scsa to scad I am turning of my autocorrect

  • Seb

    I'm with Triple H on the Mick Foley thing, He Doesn't have the look of a superstar, and barely any great in-ring skills that I've seen (I've seen all his matches from WCW to ECW to WWE). He's just a glorified crash test dummy, let's be honest. Now I give him all the respect in the world for what he's done to his body for the sake of our entertainment and god bless him for that, but the less I see of him the better really. There's no place in 2012 for a character like that, may of been fine in the dirty 90s, but not in this day & age, time has moved on and so should everyone else.