Dolph Ziggler Suffers Concussion At Smackdown Taping

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The official WWE website is reporting that Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion at this week's Smackdown taping in Raleigh, North Carolina. The injury occurred when Ziggler took a blow to the face after interfering in a Big E Langston match. An excerpt from the article elaborates on the injury:

“He [was] having some memory difficulties and a bit of a headache … he definitely has a concussion,” said Sampson. “We’re checking him out, and going to be doing neuropsychological testing and just keep it monitored.”

We will update you on the nature of Ziggler's injury as more information becomes available. Click here to view full spoilers for this week's Smackdown.

  • Guest

    Way to protect a champion before a pay per view, double double E.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Great, so the one match I was looking forward to on Extreme Rules is now in question. While I don’t look at spoilers, I wonder who it was that hit him. After Raw, I’m betting Swagger!

  • I’ve not been impressed with Swagger or ADR recently, and I’m betting it was one of them – though I also won’t look at the spoilers.

    The WWE better set up something big with The Shield against THN and Kofi to make up for the loss of this match.

    I do wonder what they’re going to say about the WHC match. They had better not strip Ziggy of the strap for this!

    • Kris Mystery

      If he is out for any length of time they certainly need to strip him of the title. If it’s just a few weeks then no.

    • I’ve been very impressed with ADR/Swagger. They had a great match a few weeks ago on SD. Ziggler so far as been “meh” as WHC but it’s only been a few weeks.

      • Sadly, it’s the way creative has booked him. He’s won 3 matches since cashing in and gone under clean to each of the title contenders. I know they think if he won the match at Extreme Rules it would build him up as a conquering champion, but all it’s really doing is making Ziggler look weak and devaluing the WHC.

        I will agree that ADR and Swagger have had some great matches on Smackdown thanks to this feud! I hope that they continue the feud outside of the title picture though. Give Ziggler a bigger face to beat, like Orton.

        • The biggest problem with Ziggler is not him, it’s the two people he’s associated with. I honestly don’t think those two help him at all. Some will most likely disgaree but I’ve always felt Ziggler was more credible when he had Vickie Guerrero with him. Vickie didn’t interfere in his matches to the level that AJ/Big E do.

          • wrestlingfan4life

            I have to agree with you. When Big E was first introduced as Ziggler’s sidekick, I thought it was a mistake. Ziggler was being pushed as a powerful singles wrestler who could accomplish great things on his own. Then suddenly, creative decides to put Big E with Ziggy, and have him interfer to help Ziggy win matches. Ziggy doesn’t NEED anyone to help him win matches; he’s great on his own.

  • Lrgetrout9

    Cena, injured. Ziggler, concussion. Boy, I wouldn’t want to see the shitshow the WWE is going to have to put on for Extreme Rules.

  • David F.

    If Ziggler cant go at ER maybe Christian will take his place in the ladder match

    • Not likely

      • David F

        prob right but I would like to see a Ziggler v Christian feud at some point this summer.

    • wrestlingfan4life

      Christian? Who is that? Seriously, though, what has become of Christian? He was a great wrestler, especially when he and Edge were a tagteam. Since they broke up, Christian slowly went downhill. He began to climb that hill again when he went to TNA, but then he switched back to WWE, and Vinny and his croonies buried him. I guess what Vinny says is true: you don’t cross the boss.