Dolph Ziggler To Replace Alberto Del Rio In World Heavyweight Championship Match At No Way Out

Dolph Ziggler won a Fatal 4-Way elimination match on tonight's Raw Supershow, beating Christian, Jack Swagger and The Great Khali to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ziggler will replace Alberto Del Rio at No Way Out where he will face Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Del Rio was pulled from the match after suffering a concussion at last week's Smackdown taping.

  • Ryder

    WWE needs to book a Ziggler and Christian feud soon they had me marking out near the end of the match.

  • Anand

    Finally Ziggler gets his deserved main event spot… Hope they dont kill Zigglers momentum faster than it started like last time…

  • Chris

    I was hoping they would let Christian to win both to show cody rhodes up even more. Didn’t he want to win both? I’m sure he did. So I’m disappointed. Dolph is awesome but Christian needs better

  • Austin

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

  • Bill

    I call bull s*** on that

  • The Breaker

    It was a very good match, as soon as Khali was eliminated. And I hope Ziggler gets a real shot at the main event, instead of getting shoved out after his title match like last time.

  • Thumpa


  • Monty

    I am glad and I hope Vince let’s him win to see if he is ready for prime time. Didnt ziggler face punk for wwe title not that long ago? If I remember correctly he put oh a show with punk so I think ge is ready.

    Scary thing is I think once ziggler gets to top he may jump a lot of wrestlers to be an main event type for years to come

    Ziggler has that IT that you can’t teach so here is hoping he wins. Also christan also deserve a long title run he has worked his tail off for a long time

  • Win Win situation for the fans and Ziggler.

    • Anand

      Just hope this isn't a 18 second kind of affair. They need to let ziggler put up a tough fight in order to utilise the rivalry between these two great athletes for at least a few weeks and not have Sheamus steamroll through ziggler

  • Marc

    Ziggler deserves this spot and he is the best seller in WWE history…

  • Brad

    I agree with Ziggler, “about damn time”! This guy always puts on a great show and his in ring work is on par with Shawn Michaels as far as i’m concerned. This is hopefully the start of big things for him, Orton and Del Rio left a gap in the roster and this is a big opportunity for Dolph.