Dolph Ziggler Tweets About WWE Editing Out Chants On Smackdown

Dolph Ziggler Tweeted that WWE edited out "We want Ziggler" chants off this week's episode of Smackdown.

I wouldn't read too much into this as it's likely to play into the pro-Batista/anti-Daniel Bryan storyline.

Below is the Tweet:

  • jdl

    Somehow I doubt they were actually chanting for Ziggler for any reason other than the fact that he was not Batista if they were even chanting for him at all. He’s a talented guy, but he’s starting to come across as delusional and desperate.

    • Tylerjcs

      If you recall the night when Ziggler won the World Title, the entire crowd was chanting for Ziggler for the whole night until he cashed in. He’s always involved in social media. He’s hugely popular. If he’s starting to come off as “delusional and desperate” that’s because WWE won’t push one of the most talented guys in the business

      • Stephan

        I know I’ll get massive thumbs down for this and I’m not attacking Dolph as a wrestler or person but a lot of the IWC and Dolph himself have often an inflated opinion of his status. Definitely, he got a monster pop post-Mania but that was about it and you also need to understand the makeup of the audience that night. For the most part, the dude gets the same reaction he did back in 2009 when he was feuding with Rey Mysterio at every live event I have attended (and it comes across on TV to me at least).

        I don’t know – I like Dolph and I enjoy watching his matches. And I do think he’s better than how WWE treats him. But I just don’t see “it” with him either. It’s probably his promos more than anything. He’s a great mid to upper mid card guy though and I wish WWE wouldn’t use him as a jobber.

        • Owen Gold

          obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but he rarely gets the reaction he used to get back in 2009, and if he does, it’s down to the completely unnecessary burial of a talented guy.

        • Whammaster

          I remember just recently he came out and got a pretty decent pop (big in this day in age). So to say he isn’t getting the reactions is a bit delusional. Dolph was in the boat before D-Bryan, the only reason Dolph is still in that boat is because his fans are not chanting his name every minute of the show. however they pop when his music hits. I <3 both of them personally and i want Dolph to be more prominent.

          • With all due respect, Zigglypuffs has never been in the same boat as Daniel Bryan. He never got the level of popularity Bryan currently has.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    He was better off with Vicky.

  • Jerry

    Ziggler is full of crap, I was at Smackdown this past Tuesday and there weren’t any Ziggler chants at all.

    • Bradley

      I was there too, the chants definitely happened. They weren’t explosive or anything, but it happened.

  • Chris

    I’d love to see Ziggler get back to prominence, but if he really wants it he really needs to control his mouth when it comes to interviews/social media

    • Bob’s Diner

      I get the feeling they are trying to work him into CM Punk’s spot against The Authority, hence him speaking out about things like this – all seems like a work to me, or he wouldn’t continue to get time to cut promos or be in the ring with Batista

  • Anthony

    I was there, ringside, and his pop was loud. The “We Want Ziggler” was even louder.