Dolph Ziggler Zeroes In On John Cena In Latest "WWE Download"

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In the latest episode of "WWE Download," Dolph Ziggler exposes a guy deep in the pink, mocks a girl for slip-sliding away and zeroes in on his favorite target, John Cena. You can watch it embedded in the video below:

  • Kleck

    I’m confused. Ziggler tells us to tune in next week yet this is the final episode?

  • Jrockk

    Man until I started watching wwe download withv Ziggler I just knew him as a great talent with little to no personality but man he’s one hell of an entertainer and funny as hell. I like dude alot and I hope he gets his chance to shine soon and this is coming from an actual john cena fan but damn I’d be lying if I said Ziggler wasn’t ready to take the throne he’s pretty dope. I wanna see him and Dbryan carry the 2 brands in 2013 they deserve it.