More On Dolph Ziggler's Concussion Suffered Monday Before Raw

Speculation regarding the health of Dolph Ziggler began to run rampant on social media after his match against Ryback was taped for this week's episode of WWE Superstars prior to the "Old School" Raw taping on Monday night in Baltimore, Maryland. Ziggler laid in the ring for quite some time as the referee threw up the X signal and medical personnel came out to check on him.

While it was believed at the time Ziggler was simply selling Ryback's Shellshock finisher, it became clear once he was still down while they were changing the ring apron for Raw that a legitimate injury had occurred. I'm being told Ziggler suffered a concussion on a clothesline from Ryback and will have more details in this week's Backstage Raw notes.

The injury is a devastating blow to one of WWE's brightest up and coming talents. Ziggler suffered a severe concussion last May that caused three weeks of 24-hour headaches and he even wondered if his wrestling career was over.

  • eskymi

    Sorry to hear it. Like Ziggler a lot. Hate Ryback and wonder if it was just him being careless again or something else. I won’t point fingers till I know but I am leaning towards him just being an awful in ring performer.

    But good that WWE is taking concussions seriously cause if not you would probably see Ziggler in the ring rather soon and it would not get better and god forbid we end up with another Benoit situation.

  • Mike Farris

    Ryback is the most Careless Worker in the WWE When will vince fire him

    • Shotgun Hero

      How do we know this was Ryback’s fault? Ziggler has suffered a previous concussion and often oversells to an extreme degree, it’s entirely possible that he hurt himself.

      • Mike Farris

        ryback already lost his main event push due to injuries suffered by cena and punk in matches against ryback. i dont see no one blaming cena or punk for their injuries suffered in ryback matches.

        so how just because ziggler often oversells to an extreme degree makes it zigglers fault,. Rock Extremely oversells and i dont recall rock causing himself to get hurt.

        and how does overselling from a freaking clothesline cause a concussion. it takes a hard impact to cause a concussion. juist like the wone swagger gave ziggler last may from a boot to the face. was that concussion zigglers fault too.

      • Steve pritchard

        The thing is . This is a pattern with ryback . Whether it’s his fault or not. He’s not a stranger to situations like this. So he’s going to receive some fault to this . Sucks for Ziggler. Hope he comes back soon. Ryback just needs to head to TNA

    • BlazeKing

      Or it could just be that Ziggler never really fully recovered from the first concussion. Those things are complex to understand. But somebody needs to tell Dolph to get in touch with Christopher Nowinski. Real talk.

      Edit: To explain why I said that, it couldn’t have been Ryback being “careless” because of the nature of the move itself. It’s a clothesline. The impact from the front isn’t enough to concuss a person. The bump however could… Dolph *has* been taking a lot of bumps since he came back from his first concussion and it was always suggested that he came back too early out of fear of losing his momentum.

  • The Breaker

    I was there live and it seemed like something happened when Ziggler hit the mat while selling the clothesline. He stayed outside the ring for a long time and after he got back in Ryback put him in a few holds until Ziggler got his very short “comeback” offense, which then led to the Shellshock finisher. And the part that had most worried was that after the match Ziggler laid there motionless for almost three minutes. And he clearly wasn’t selling the move because the ring attendees were changing the aprons and stuff. I really hope he’s okay. His career might not have been going anywhere at the moment but he’s still one of the most talented guys on the roster. I hope he returns stronger and more determined than ever.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Careers get shortened by concussions – and they can cause permanent damage with terrible consequences. Not good to see anyone suffer two serious concussions within a year

  • ron

    Nah it’s not rybacks fault. Injuries happen in wwe.