Don West Shoots On Royalty Check From TNA, Lack Of Appreciation For Craig Jenkins

Former TNA announcer and staff member Don West implied his biannual royalty check from TNA Wrestling was less than the $20 "brown bag specials" he used to sell for the company:

West also provided Tweets that shed more on the departure of live events coordinator Craig Jenkins:

The above Tweet was Re-Tweeted by Brian Wittenstein @Briman7 (center of the TNA vs. WWE lawsuit) and Karen Jarrett .

West left TNA last year to become the new director of sales and marketing of the
Wenatchee Wild ice hockey team.

Richard Reacts: As someone that has seen both Don and Craig in action at TNA live events, I think the company would be hard-pressed to find better replacements. While Don has obviously been gone, Craig was an extremely hard worker and played an integral part in the shows going on without a hitch.

  • wes

    i was always a on the fense tna fan, id buy the tickets and go to the shows, and man could Don make you want to buy the entire table. i wonder what their sales numbers are like without him at house shows and online

    • I could have swore I saw Don West sell ice to an eskimo.

      • And what surprises me about the fact that Don’s royalty check is so low is that TNA still name drops him at all of the live events when talking about the Brown Bag Special. But that goes to show you that TNA’s DVD sales are horrid.