Doug Furnas Dead At 50

Former powerlifter and wrestling star Doug Furnas has died. While there are few details available surrounding his passing, the latest word is he died in his sleep on Friday night. He was 50 years old.

Furnas, who worked briefly in WCW, WWE and ECW, endured the majority of his success in All Japan Pro Wrestling. He retired in 2000 and suffered from Parkinson's Disease.

  • drhaase

    Furnas was briefly in WWF also back in 1996-97 with Phil Lafond (i believe that was how you spelled his name). i was at a house show at the Meadowlands once where they teased the two of them winning the tag titles…it was kinda funny…they were gone not much longer after that…..shame to hear about his passing

  • sal

    rip. also worked in the wwf in 1997

  • kevin

    He was an awesome wrestler. No personality but awesome in ring what a shame

  • Dan

    Knew I remembered him in WWE

  • sdd619

    I remember buying my first wrestling tape it was Survivor Series 1996 the debut of Doug Furnas & Phillip LaFon both i thought were outstanding Wrestlers. Sad this is R.I.P Doug Furnas

  • Ralphus

    I never understood how they never made it in the WWE. Him and LaFond were a sound tag team. That's Vince for ya!

  • Jim

    Being a power lifter, and a rather huge human being, Furnas should’ve been exactly what Vince was usually looking for. But I think it was just bad timing for Furnas as to why he didn’t make it big. Since all of that steroid stuff had just gone down not too long before he got to the WWE. So by the time he had gotten there Vince had already changed his tune and was pushing guys with smaller builds like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. If Furnas had debuted in the 80’s instead of when he did I think he would’ve been a big time star. But that’s business I guess. My condolences go out to his friends and family due to their loss.

  • The Criddler

    Furnas and Laffon were legit talent that was added to the 'wwe vs ecw' (even though all were ecw) feud in 1997.

    • Sri

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    He had the same disease as Muhammad Ali,I never knew that.

  • marvin lane

    He also worked with the players at Doyle High School knoxville tn in the 80s as a strengh coachhe was a
    great man he taught me alot .. RIP Coach

  • kevin

    i breifly remember him back in the 90's , was a stong guy reminds me abit of mark henry being a power lifter i often wondered what had become of him after his short stint . R.I.P. doug