Doug Williams Speaks With - Discusses His TNA Release, The X-Division, Fighting Daniel Bryan, His Dream Match, Opening A School, & More

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Kendra Bunyon interviewed former TNA Wrestling star Douglas Williams last Thursday. Kendra recorded the phone call interview. In the interview, Doug discusses why he and TNA parted ways, what he thinks of the X-Division, and his role in the X-Division. He also gives us an answer on whether we will see him on United States television again, his dream matches, and whether he would open a wrestling school. The interview in its entirety is below:

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We at want to thank Douglas Williams for the opportunity and his time to conduct this interview.

  • IndyEhman

    Great stuff, as always!

  • Nostaljack

    Took me a while to get to this (equipment issues). Where Alex’s interviews drag, this one seemed rushed in places. There was still the matter of wrestler and interviewer barely connecting as well. The intro was incredibly rushed and the conclusion absolutely came out of nowhere. These interviews need some kind of form. Alex and you are trying to do them “off the cuff” and they’re suffering as a result. Interviews like this just can’t be done this way. You had so little time (likely his doing) and the interview could have been far more substantial had it been planned better. Still, I’m glad it’s here to listen to. Just my two cents…