Downside Guarantees, Legacy Faction, Backstage Fallout Interviews, Ending Undertaker's Streak

Do all full time WWE stars have the same downside guarantee or are they negotiable?

Downside guarantees vary from worker to worker. The more valuable the worker is to WWE, the more downside money they are paid. Downside guarantees are negotiated before contracts are signed. Without going into exact figures (I don't have them), John Cena is making significantly more than Roman Reigns. For those unaware what the term downside means, it's money a worker gets no matter what for as long as they are under a WWE performer's contract unless they are suspended.

Is it possible to have the Legacy reunite? This could accomplish Randy Orton's heel turn and possibly see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as Tag Team Champions.

Anything is possible but there is no way this wouldn't be a step back for all three. Legacy was created to give DiBiase and Rhodes momentum as future stars. Neither has reached their potential like  many had hoped, however, I don't see the reformation of their former stable. DiBiase has had his fair share of setbacks and as I type this Rhodes is out with an injury. Rhodes is three years younger than DiBiase at 27 so the more urgent situation would be that of Ted DiBiase and I think he's still further behind Rhodes.

Are the "Backstage Fallout" Youtube shows scripted?

Yes, the "Backstage Fallout" YouTube shows that air after Raw and Smackdown are scripted. These are WWE's attempt at TMZ-like content that make the viewer believe they are getting behind-the-scenes reactions.

Do you think we will ever see Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania end? If so do you think it would be John Cena because he's "the guy". Kind of like a passing of the torch?

This is a topic for discussion that has been ongoing for the last couple of years. I can't really say "yes" or "no" because it all depends on the situation, Undertaker's compliance and the right opponent. I feel Undertaker has more than earned the right to retire at Wrestlemania although there is no doubting it would be a huge boost to the career of anyone that ended it. The sticking point for me is who is there on the WWE roster capable of such a feat? I've seen the arguments [for people like Sheamus or Dolph Ziggler] and I'm not convinced. You mentioned John Cena but what does "ending the streak" do for someone that's already the guy?

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  • Patrick Peralta

    I see Undertaker retiring undefeated at Wrestlemania he has more then earned that right.

    • snap

      I agree, but there are also two schools of thought here.

      On one hand, Taker has earned the right multiple times over to retire on his own terms and with the streak intact. At 20-0, I don’t think it would be unheard of for Taker to let the “End of an Era” truly be the end and go out on a high point.

      On the other hand, no disrespect intended, Taker is obviously at the tail end of his career and I don’t really think ending the streak would truly benefit the career of a guy like it would had Taker been at the height of his dominance.

      I also do not see Cena being the guy to end the streak because he’s already hated by half of the audience, and they would really have no choice but to turn him heel if they had him end what is seen as sacred in Taker’s streak. As Cena doesn’t appear willing to take the risk in turning heel, I just don’t see that happening.

      As Richard has pointed out, there really is no benefit for Cena to end the streak when he has already been dominant for the better part of a decade and continually pushed as THE top guy in WWE. Cena doesn’t need it, Taker wouldn’t be making a new star, so why do it?

      • Shy Guest

        It would really solidify Mr. Cena as the top guy. Unfortunately, some people are going to dislike him whatever he does.

  • Joel

    I'd rather the streak never ended, but if I had to pick somebody to go over Taker I'd choose D-bry.
    He's the only person I think could potentially both need it and be closest to deserving it.

    • Njay


  • channesson

    The streak should never ever end.. That said its weird he never fought The Rock or Austin or Angle or Brock at wrestlemania..

  • isaac

    The miz streak vs streak

    • WNW FAN

      How about Cole vs Taker? Streak vs streak? LOL 🙂

  • Nick B

    I agree, it should never end. It would boost someone’s career but at the same time people like edge, Shawn micheals, and triple H couldn’t do it and then someone like Ziggler, who has never even held a big title, defeats him? That seems really unbelievable and wouldn’t feel right, if anyone should end the streak it should be someone who has been on the business a long time and is near legend status. Just my opinion.

    • GODSENT83

      He is a former world champion, albeit wasn’t a long run but still a run

      • Nick B

        He said in an interview that he doesn’t count that run, and neither do I.

      • Nick B

        Is the miz undefeated at wrestle mania?

  • Liam

    Thanks for answering my question, but I just don’t see what the point of someone not ending his steak would be. It’s so important that it could completely solidify a superstar, an could keep playing of the importance of the streak even after Undertaker is gone. But I do agree that it would be hard to find the right guy to end it.

  • Tyler T

    If anyone should end it, it should be cm punk this year to “earn the respect” of the roster. It would fit right on with the angle and solidify his title run that much more

  • jambo masai from kenya

    Heath slater is the right guy to end the streak. Look he is the leader of the top heel faction right now. He is gud in the ring and on the mic. He got the look to become a main event. The win will make him the top heel of the company

    • I was laughing until I realized you were actually serious…

  • elstitchio

    Undertaker should definitely retire undefeated at wrestlemania. I think if he got beat at wrestlemania it would ruin his legacy to a degree

    • HugeRockStar

      I don’t think it would unless he continued to wrestle sloppy matches afterwards like Flair did. If he decided it was the end and went out with a loss to a deserving superstar it would be the right move IMO, he’s already past 20 now anyway. Finding the right guy is the problem.

  • dave

    I always feel the best argument to make in The Undertaker streak debate, is that eying at this point is such a huge risk. To use the streak to put an up- and- comer over , who knows how long they may be around. What if it had been done to put over Brock Lesner in his first WWE run? or Bobby Lashley several years ago? Or imagine such a scenario with Vladimir Kozlov going over Taker at ‘Mania. Those men didn’t exactly stay within the business or the company for very long.

    • Liam

      That’s a good point

  • The Breaker

    The Undertaker is obviously an old-school (no pun intended) guy with a great mind for the business. I would not be surprised at all if he would rather put someone over to end the streak, instead of retiring undefeated at Wrestlemania. It is debatable whether losing the streak would damage the legacy of one of the most accomplished performers of the era, but the biggest risk comes down to choosing the right guy. This would be the rub of a lifetime, and no doubt could create the next star we have all been waiting for. But, I personally would like to see him retain the streak for all time. If anyone deserves to go out on top, it's him.

  • that_one_guy

    I could really see john cena vs undertaker at wrestlemania and john cena that’s a typical wwe move but if it had to end i really think it should b kane because he was a star but never had the credit of bein the man like undertaker so a win like that would make him one of the best hands down

    • that_one_guy

      John cena winning my bad iwas typing to fast

  • Philip Thompson

    I think they should do a curve-ball which sort of breaks the streak but at the same time doesn't break the streak and creates an 'OMG' moment.

    For instance – Undertaker has a world title match at Wrestlemania (it's easy to set up) and wins the world title and then announces that he's going to retire and then starts a speech about how great an honour it is to retire as champion and with his streak intact.

    Cue the music – and the appearance of that nights money in the bank winner. What direction it goes from there would be up to the WWE – do they confirm his legacy there or catapult a someone to being a superstar – Edge really cemented himself as a real legend when he cashed in money in the bank… he'd already had a hall-of-fame career to that point, but that just raised him to a higher level.

  • John

    Considering the WWE decided against having there top guy (John Cena) go over The Rock at WrestleMania, i don't see them putting him over The Undertaker.

    Taker has had a great career, without ever truly being the top guy in the company at any one time, but utimately his career will be defined by his undefeated WM streak so it would be a travesty if it was to end.

  • The arbiter

    HHH heel run into Wrestlemania, decides hes gonna bury Undertaker once and for all. Streak is put up against a gauntlet match and whoever pins taker gets a title shot.

    Taker takes on the roster one at a time, defeats a good dozen guys before finallly being worn down and beaten by some young talent WWE wants to put over. Keeps undertaker strong, breaks the streak, and put someone over all at the same time.

    • Nick B

      How does a superstar pinning the undertaker after he has been beaten down by a dozen other guys put that superstar over at all?

      • The arbiter

        In the same way pinning a beaten opponent after cashing in the MITB puts someone over.

  • Frankie O

    Everyone keeps wanting this Cena heal turn, but I really can’t see how this can happen any time in the near future. For example, when Hogan made his turn, he did it against guys like Sting, Macho, Luger, etc. Cena, being rather comparable thus far in his career (straps, young fan base, sort of popularity wise, face of the company) IMO, would have to turn against a major face in order for this to mean anything to me. Having him turn on some like Kofi, Sheamus, Orton or whoever, would be a waster. That all being said, I see the only wrestler that’s over enough with most fans would be Taker. Having a huge build up for a wrestle mania match, both playing faces, having Taker win and Cena absolutely nuts and destroy him after the match, retiring him. Streak finishes perfect, Cena turn accomplished. Just a thought

  • FactionZer0

    I've considered these 2 possibilities:

    1) Taker remains undefeated and just retires. Everyone is happy and blah blah blah.

    2) CM Punk ends the streak. CM Punk is at the peak of his career, but he could definitely go up from here. What is he at now…#7? Idr. But having a long title reign, then ending the streak would cement him as a top contributor to the company and a legend at that.

  • Kevin

    I will once again go on record as saying that to end the Taker's WM streak would be tantamount to TREASON! Ric Flair holds the record for most Heavyweight Championship reigns with 16; I don't believe the WWE will ever allow that to be broken. What's wrong with having Taker retire with an intact WM perfect record? He could be the only wrestler in history to go totally undefeated at WM in his entire career. I do believe his retirement match should be at WM, and I believe he should be allowed to win it. I know the status quo is to make the retiring wrestler lose his final match, but I don't see the problem in letting Taker retire a winner. I know my one viewship won't even put a scratch on the surface of the ratings for WWE, but if they force Taker to lose a WM match, I will boycott them and never watch another WWE program again.

  • Jaryd

    To be completely honest, I'm slightly bored of the streak as I've stopped believing it will ever end, which I've basically thought since the 2nd time he went over Shawn Michaels. I love the streak as a legacy, but I find it kinda difficult to get up for it each year when I have absolutely no belief in it being ended.