Dr. Tom Prichard Released From WWE Developmental; To Be Replaced By Bill DeMott

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Dr. Tom Prichard has been released from his position as the top trainer in Florida Championship Wrestling.

Ironically enough, Bill DeMott, who Prichard replaced in 2007 as lead trainer in Deep South Wrestling, is slated to take over the spot.

  • thatguy

    Now we just need Jim Ross to be given back his job as VP of talent

  • PhilT81

    Jim Ross was only ever VP of Talent Relations, and he’s unlikely to replace Triple H as VP of Talent. I’d like to see someone replace Laurinitis as VP of Talent Relations as he is terrible. Maybe William Regal is finally mature enough?

    • thatguy

      I was referring to talent relations.

    • Kerri

      You are correct in saying that JR was VP of Talent Relations, and was replaced by John Laurinitis. BUT- Triple H is the Exec. VP of Talent and Live Events- which basically means Triple H is Ace's boss (pretty sure Richard has talked about that stuff before.) And why question if Regal is "finally mature enough"? Last I read- the company has a lot of faith in Regal when it comes to helping & working with the younger talent in the company.

      Seeing how DeMott took over in 07 and had some pretty good/decent class of guys come out of DSW, I'm hoping that the same happens down in FCW and guys who have actual skill and talent debut on TV before the guys who are "Green as goose *poop* anymore.