Dreading Punk vs. Ryback, Big E Langston In WWE, Who Deserves World Title Shot, Corporation Story Arc

With CM Punk vs. Ryback announced for WWE Battleground, can either of these guys really afford another pay-per-view loss and continue to be taken seriously as top guys?

This is a really good point and yet another reason why I'm 100% against this program. I can't tell you the last time I dreaded a program involving CM Punk but this one against Ryback is one I simply don't care about. I heard some were raving about Ryback's mic work on Raw but I'm in the minority. I've seen him and I don't buy him. The quandary in this match is blatantly obvious. Does Punk do yet another job or does WWE put under a guy they're restarting on yet again? There could always be a dirty finish to progress the storyline but we just saw that this month at Night of Champions. It's lose-lose-lose.

What are the plans for Big E Langston when he returns to television?

Big E Langston worked a match that was taped for WWE Superstars prior to this week's Monday Night Raw. In it, he tagged with Damien Sandow to oppose Justin Gabriel and Zack Ryder. Langston was in the running for the next "Paul Heyman guy" but the role was ultimately given to Ryback.

Kofi Kingston, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, or R-Truth. Who would you rather see in the main event for a world title feud?

When I look at these names I have to go with untapped potential. Kofi Kingston is a workhorse but he's had his chances. The same goes with R-Truth. His work is not as good as Kingston's but he's had more than enough opportunities. This narrows the list to Drew McIntyre and Justin Gabriel. Both McIntyre and Gabriel have held titles in WWE but I think most can agree the company hasn't done that much with them. So now I look to age. Gabriel is 32 and McIntyre is 28. I pick Drew McIntyre.

Do you have ANY idea where this storyline between the McMahons and the Rhodes family with Daniel Bryan in the middle is going? It makes no sense to me....what are your thoughts?

The storyline is complex and there are multiple side stories. The purpose is to create a story arc that will engage the viewer as competition increases with the fall television season. I think the storyline has had its ups and downs but one thing is very clear - Daniel Bryan is over. No, he's really, really over. I mean over like rover, did you see the reaction Daniel Bryan got in Chicago on Monday night? So despite the criticisms, the one thing that is abundantly clear is it has worked to elevate Daniel Bryan. The Rhodes family, Scott Armstrong and other members of the WWE roster (such as The Shield) are side parts of the program. They are extras that add other elements to WWE's main program of the fall.

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  • Nostaljack

    “Kofi has had his chances”? The only chance he got was in his feud with Orton and Orton derailed that. Beyond that, he’s hit the glass ceiling repeatedly. I disagree that he’s gotten his shot and my hope is that he’ll finally get it sooner than later.

    • Xavier

      It’s been four years since that Kofi/Orton feud bro. We can’t keep blaming Orton at this point. Kofi has had four years to get back over and break the glass ceiling and it still hasn’t happened. You mean to tell me that Orton has been going out of his way to hold him down in the locker room for the past four years?

      • Nostaljack

        He hasn’t had any further opportunities to break through. What other opportunities have presented themselves? I can’t think of any. I’m certainly not saying that Orton’s continuing to hold him down; I’m only saying it’s the only opportunity he’s had to move up the card. He’s over like rover when he’s out there and he does his job. Not sure what else he’s supposed to do.

        • Arnold McDarnold

          Ya dickhead

        • Xavier

          Kofi is somewhat over. I think it’s a bit much to say he’s over like rover. The place isn’t coming unglued when he walks out or anything like that. He gets decent pops from the crowd but nothing mind blowing. Guys like the Usos, Titus O’Neal, Darren Young, Ziggler, Cody & Goldust are more over at the moment. His offense still needs a lot of work and you also have to take into account that a lot of guys in the locker room don’t really like working with him because he can be reckless at times

          • kingdook24

            Kofi is over more than ADR, I’ll tell you that. ADR is like watching paint dry. ADR has great wrestling ability but as far as getting over as a heel, he gets booed either for being ‘boring’ or he gets no reaction at all. If it wasn’t for his rivalry with RVD, which RVD is ‘clearly’ carrying, I could give two cents about ADR. I’d pay money for Kofi anyday than I would for ADR.

          • Xavier

            kofi is more over then ADR but ADR is by far the better and safer worker. A lot of wrestlers don’t like working with Kofi because he can be reckless in the ring. And to tell you the truth I could care less about ADR or RVD at this point. RVD is a glorified spot monkey at this stage in his career. It’s pretty obvious that he’s out of shape these days as well. Just re-watch the match with Orton/RVD from last night. It took Orton about 45-50 seconds to set RVD up for the RKO because it took Rob forever to collect his breath and get up off the canvas. And as far as RVD carrying this feud, well that’s not really saying much because this feud hasn’t been memorable in the least bit.

          • kingdook24

            ADR may be safer, but in the end, it’s about entertaining the fans. Kofi is simply more entertaining, IMO, to watch than ADR. I forget which episode it was but ADR was facing, I believe it was R-Truth, I could be wrong – but the fans were chanting for Undertaker, JBL, even Michael Cole during his match… that’s just ALL types of bad, and this is the guy they are trying to get over with us as a ‘top’ guy? I thought WWE takes fan reaction as consideration as to who they want to put over? But back to your point, sure – ADR may be the safer, more reliable worker the wrestlers would rather preform with – but in the end, they too are in that match as well. So it’s just as bad on them than it is on ADR to get over with the fans. RVD is ‘clearly’ doing that – out of shape or not. Kofi is ‘clearly’ doing that – reckless or not.

            I’m sorry if I’m coming off as an ADR hater, I’m really not – IMO – he can really wrestle. But the fact he gets no reaction whatsoever is just as bad as watching Randy Orton’s slow entrance… I just want it to be over.

          • Xavier

            ADR also had a match with Christian at Summerslam where fans were chanting “THIS IS AWESOME” as well and that’s all types of good. As a matter of fact ADR has had some really good matches with Ziggler, Big Show & Sheamus over the past year. Can’t say the same for Kofi. I’d say that I’m more entertained by ADR’s matches then I am by Kofi’s matches. However, I do agree that ADR just doesn’t connect with fans. And the matches that ADR & Christian had together have been a lot better then the matches that ADR & RVD have had together. is at a reflection of RVD?

          • kingdook24

            Not sure. But I can definitely say that all the matches ADR had with Ziggler, Show, Sheamus & Christian, not one fan was for ADR. Was it because he was a good heel back then? Maybe. But if he was a good heel then, why isn’t he over as a good heel now? Maybe they were cheering for them, not because they were the faces – but because fans are just simply not sold on ADR. Lots of variables could be because of it. But one thing for sure is ADR is not over.

            When ADR wrestles, IMO – just mine – I feel like he’s telling a story when he wrestles. Meaning?… when focuses on a body part & he hones in on it; he’s one who can slow down the pace or speed up the tempo – he’s that good of a wrestler. Kofi is a highflyer, takes lots of chances; very athletic & entertaining. But Kofi’s style reflects his persona which most fans love to see. It’s a shame that ADR has connected in such a way.

          • Xavier


          • smark calloway

            i think that adr might be one on vinces bearskin rug as well … he doesnt have great mic skills , or have very exciting matches ( the ziggler matches an exception ) but he is capable in the ring though and is not known for injuring others. plus he represents the company well , and he looks good in a suit for his media appearences ,and thats very important nowadays

          • Steve pritchard

            Titus isnt really over at all the rest of the guys you mentioned maybe. But titus not so much . If he is so over then why did ptp job to the wyatts? His mic work is decent except for that stupid barking. His in ring work still needs some tuning. But i dont think he is more over than kofi. Kofi has had plenty of chances , orton shit aside and he has failed each time so i agree with you there. But titus still has a ways to go before he’s top card. I would like to see him in singles competition . I think that would better serve him . Not saying he sux . I just dont think he’s even close to being at the top of the card yet.

          • Xavier

            I never said anything about Titus being a top guy. But the bark your referring to has gotten over with fans in a big way as of late. But I do agree, Titus has a ways to go but I do think he’s more over then Kofi at the moment and has more upside to get further up the card then Kofi does. I think it’s safe to say that Kofi has gotten as far as he’s going to get. The verdict is still out on Titus.

        • FactionZer0

          Kofi is phenomenal in the ring. One of the greatest. But I would never buy the world heavyweight champion being a happy Jamaican guy who flys around. He needs a new gimmick and he needs to work on his mic skills.

          • Nostaljack

            He left the Jamaican thing behind years ago. He isn’t introduced as being from Jamaica and doesn’t talk with that silly accent anymore. The only thing about his current gimmick that kinda goes there is his theme.

      • Tim

        To be fair to kofi wwe recently isn’t very friendly to the lower card. It’s all about the yesterday stars and cena

    • I’m a HUGE fan of Kofi Kingston but I mean… 32-years old, 3 tag title reigns, 4 IC title reigns and 3 US title reigns. He’s had some pretty decent chances, more than a lot of people get.

      • Nostaljack

        You yourself have said multiple times that none of those titles mean anything. There was a time when they did…but not anymore. They’re just props. You’ve said it and I agree with you.

    • JJ

      While I whole heartedly agree, I have this feeling that Kofi is a life upper midcarder, with the rare flash in the pans at the top his spot is Int’l US, and Tag title area.

  • 1molly23

    Don’t think Ryback vs. Punk is a very good idea. That table shot last night on Raw didn’t look quite right. Unless WWE gets some of their young superstars to realize they have to consider their competitors there’ll be a lot more missing from the roster. There’s a finesse that’s missing – it’s not all muscle – it’s also being smart!

  • Xavier

    Gonna have to disagree about McIntrye. He’s had just as many chances to get over as Kofi or Truth. Vince branded him “the future of the business” and Drew flopped big time in 2009-2010, just listen to the crowd reactions or should I say the lack there of. He’s terrible on the mic, below average in the ring and has little to no charisma. Drew is exactly where he should be on the card right now. Out of the four Kofi is probably the one I’d go with but to be competely honest none of those four guys are going any higher then they already are at this stage in their careers more then likely.

    I agree with you on the Punk/Ryback situation. Creative finds themselves in the same situation that they did last year with these guys. Both need wins in the worst of ways right now. I’d have to say that Ryback probably needs it more just off the fact that Punk is super established/over already but even with that being said he needs to get back in the win column. Your guess is as good as mine on who will go over. Ryback hasn’t had a big win in like…..NEVER despite that he was still over in a big way when he was a face but those days are long gone now. His heel run has been a flop thus far with the constant changes in his character and lack of direction by creative. I think it may be too little too late for him at this point as a heel or for anyone to really take him seriously because of such. Hopefully I’m wrong about about creative putting him with Heyman but I have huge doubts that it’ll get over. Ryback should of never been turned heel to begin with but that’s a rant for a whole another day lol.

    I love this angle involving the Rhodes family as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point Cody Rhodes & Goldust were the ones to take the tag titles off of Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. I would love to see them form a tag team with their father as their manager.

    • Papa Burgandy

      Ryboch went over Jerico

      • Xavier

        Like I said before, Ryback doesn’t have a BIG win under his belt

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        You mean Ryback.

    • Tim

      Here is mcintyres wwe career. Vince gave him promise. But creative killed him by having the spot monkey John Morrison ruin his push. Then he got into a argument with Tiffany. He wasn’t seen for years. now he is in 3mb. which is a straight up joke to give slater something to do even tho he sucks except the comedy. He needs to be in something serious.

      • Xavier

        Creative didn’t killed McIntyre’s push, McIntyre’s lack of mic work, in ring skills or ability to get over with fans killed his push. McIntyre is a lower-card talent at best, he’s exactly where he should be on the card.

        • Tim

          Fans won’t get over for a guy that gets made fun of and beat up every week. So yes creative did hurt McIntyre. Yes he wasn’t the greatest on the mic. But a lot of people aren’t. Cena comes off bad alot and randy has 4-5 good promos a year that aren’t crappy and robotic.

  • Austin “No Username” Jones

    Jesus Christ dude, yet another anti-Ryback question? That gimmick is getting old.

    • Can’t stop, won’t stop. His push is unacceptable.

      • K!NG

        Say what u want Richard, Ryback’s push last year was unacceptable, he was way too green, But he stepped up when Cena was out and showed he has a lot of potential. Not saying he is going to be on the same level but everyone said the same things about Batista.

      • Austin “No Username” Jones

        It;s fine. He’s got the look, the ring skills(now anyway), and an entertaining gimmick. He’s as over as any other mid carder at the moment so what’s the prob?

      • Tim

        He actually wasn’t bad doing interviews. Maybe he can replace Matt striker. Since both fail at wrestling.

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          Ryback is not a bad wrestler.

        • Herman Tank

          Says the guy who never watched Striker in a match but just assumes he was horrible because he never had an action figure.

          • Tim

            Says the guy who doesn’t even know who Michelle McCool was

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        His push is acceptable.

  • Docteur Lobo

    I’d argue Bryan was already over like rover before this storyline. It didn’t hurt him, but it’s sometimes almost as if Bryan is over despite the storyline rather than thanks to it.

  • Cubed56

    I’ve said it the last two weeks, after DB won at NOC I really feel this storyline took a big hit. It doesn’t have that same on the edge of your seat feeling anymore, IMO it went from great to slightly above mediocre. There is no progression of characters outside of DB and Cody, everyone else feels like filler, even the Sheild. IMO while they’ve been great in the feud, there is too much HHH and steph. I’m gonna let it play out, but now when DB wins the title again, to me it will feel like o ok awesome he did it again, instead of that huge payoff of an epic moment.

  • smark calloway

    drew definitely is more of a choice than kofi or gabriel.. out of the 3 of them drew is the most charismatic , has the best look , is marketable .and has proved that he can talk on the mic somewhat, back in 2010 in the “chosen one” days .. kofi and justin are horrible on the mic . a top guy NEEDS to be able to talk . yes im aware that top guy randy orton is not exactly the rock on the stick, but orton is on vinces ” bearskin rug ” ( insider term ) and will be a top guy no matter what ( even though he is very talented and definitely knows what he is doing and is a draw . he has had things that would have sent other people to the unemployment line . lack of mic skills, failed drug tests, . drug addiction ,anger issues etc ) but i digress ….kofi and gabriel are in the spots they will be in forever ( not everyone can get into the world title scene ) and im not a huge mcintyre mark by any means but i can see him when 3mb split up being inserted into the world title scene

    • Guest

      I miss the broken dreams theme. I’d pop to hear that.

      • smark calloway

        it was an awesome theme..check out the alternate version with female vocals on youtube..its even better ( in my opinion )

  • Kanewty

    I think that if Kofi is ever going to get into the whc hunt he needs to freshen up his gimmick a bit. Not necessarily a heel turn, but maybe be a little less of the over the top goofy kofi and be a little more serious like in that Orton feud years ago

  • Tim

    Does anyone else see the shield turning their back on triple h. Not necessarily a face turn tho. But just a sick and tired thing

  • joe.martel

    I would like to see a turn by Roman Reigns…. and eventually make him a headliner as the mentee of Hulk Hogan (He’s coming back to WWE- I just know it)…to face a new NWO led by HHH.

    • smark calloway

      they should NEVER bring back the nwo in anyway shape or form . that is one shark that has been jumped over to death . we dont need to see it again

  • Stoney

    It’s been nearly 4 years since Randy Orton threw a hissy fit about Kofi botching, but its WWE where they hold grudges for a long time. R-Truth was a big heel in 2011, but in 2012 WWE turned him face, and gave him a mind numbingly retarded gimmick where he has an imaginary kid, (whoever came up with that idea should be fired, but you can’t fire Vince).
    Justin Gabriel hasn’t really had a chance yet, plus he kind of reminds me if RVD in his prime.

  • Stoney

    It will take a miracle for Drew McIntyre to be taken seriously again.

    • smark calloway

      yeah they could do it easily. when 3mb have run its course. just have mcintyre get ” fed up ” with slater and jinder and destroy both of them on raw..or throw them through a barber shop window or something ( haha joke ) . hes a big enough guy for us to believe he could take them both out.. none of the ” universe” remembers the chosen one days anymore, so he could take out 3mb then be fed a stream of jobbers/lower card names to easily defeat week by week . he could get on the mic and say things like ” im fed up of playing around . 3mb were nothing but clowns , they were holding me back . but its drew mcintyres time now !!yadda yadda.yadda ” .something simple but effective and gets the point across ..keep some mystique to him for a while, change his outfit back to trunks and make him look like a main eventer and …..bada bing !..a new believable serious world title contender in just a few weeks


    I’ve always been a justin Gabriel and I think he has a lot of potential. As for r-truth, I really would like to see him as a contender for the US title. Kofi needs to be a main event player. He has not been given ANY chances to fight for a world title since ortons “kill switch” back in 2009 and at the very least he should be WHC

  • Vaneyscopaz

    Kofi is just getting started!

  • BigMike

    Kofi’s “chances” have been few and far between and he should have been champ at least once and had Randy orton not been the douchebag he is, Kofi would have had a serious push. Big E should have been new Heyman guy I like Ryan but he CANNOT get over. Justin Gabriel is great but is a better Tag Team person and Drew was given too much too fast and it made him an ass backstage and turned his attitude and thast cost him. IMO Ron has never really been givne the serious push(( the crazy angle was not world title push)) because Vince didnt like his style and he came from TNA which ANYONE who comes from anywhere else and has any kind of stardom gets “humbled” as Vince believes that “if he didnt make them, they do not exist” vince is still an egomaniacal asshole

  • Rus

    Wow thought atleast a couple of people would have commented I guess nobody read this

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I am not dreading CM Punkvs Ryback, I am looking forward to this match.