Drew Brees Comments On Wrestlemania 30 Location

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wrote the following on Twitter:

We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that if a deal got done it's likely an official announcement would be made this weekend.

  • KingKongBrody

    I hope they have it there and the power goes out the toilets don’t workthe food can’t be cooked just like that cruise. If it takes place from there I will never watch it I’ll boycott Wrestlemania XXX

    • Why may I ask? You can’t make a statement like that and not state your reasoning.

    • Michael

      You sound lame, your hating on a city my city at that and for what you don’t even know. Than to top it off you mention the cruise where people were stuck for days what kind if an ass are you. Grow up mark and stop waking up looking for reasons to hate you’re probably mad because either mania has never been to your city or you can’t afford tickets or you’re a whodat hater either way that makes you sound like a douche.

    • Just saying

      You’re almost as ignorant as “Pluto”!!! I hope you don’t watch douche!..

  • Michael

    504 mania here we go it’s time to show the world why new orleans is the best host city for events. #about damn time who dat!!

  • Sujay

    well thats sad…. I was hoping that they would keep WM30 at such a stadium where it could go past the 100,000 attendance mark and create a record…. so i was hoping for the michigan stadium or the cowboys stadium…. but now it seems that it wouldnt even break the WM29 Metlife stadium record considering superdome is a bit smaller…