Drew McIntyre Clarifies What Made Him Part Bionic

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In an update/correction, Drew McIntyre's surgery that made him "part bionic" was to his wrist, not his thumb. McIntyre clarified with the following post on Twitter:

  • Chris

    Still didnt really 'clarify' very much at all…

    • ChrisH

      It clarifies that the gossip rags got it wrong.

    • CaliburUK

      It clarifies that he now has a scar on his wrist as a result of surgery and not his thumb as was being reported…

  • Ellen

    Why would a "chosen one" need surgery? Drew's boo-boo?

  • Crysknife

    Wrist surgery you say drew? I wonder what caused that problem

  • Bishop

    He’s a pretty witty guy. He could have just said he had wrist surgery but he went the sarcastic route, I like it

  • Sovikos

    He tried to kill himself?

    • Back Breakuh!

      Of course. That's what you get wrist surgery for. Yes.