Drew McIntyre Injured

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Drew McIntyre revealed today on Twitter his shoulder is hurt. Below is from his official account:

McIntyre did not compete at last night's Smackdown taping in Orlando, Florida.

  • Efie

    He's got heart, i'll give him that.

  • kevin

    That sucks hope he’s back soon.

  • thatguy

    it was wrestlemania, though you only really worked for what? sub 40 secs?

  • Bishop

    All the talent, just lost in the shuffle.

  • havoc525

    Still sucks that this man can’t catch a break. Tons of talent, good on the mic, and his voice is awesome. Give him a chance already.

  • Do you literally have to ask that?

    • joe ross

      YES!! YES!! YES!! you disppoint me

      • Ace

        Lol hard to pick up on sarcasm in text