Drew McIntyre Note, Guests At This Week’s Raw, New WWE Signing

- Congratulations are in order to Drew McIntyre as he’s finally obtained his green card.

- Add film director Morgan Spurlock and former WWE worker Pete Gas to the list of guests at this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Uniondale, New York. Other names included Linda McMahon, Noelle Foley, Betty Skaaland, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Francia Raisa.

- WWE has signed Pittsburgh based independent worker Logan Shulo to a developmental contract. Justin Labar first reported the signing at this link.

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  • BIG M

    Don’t know what good it will do Mcintyre if his employer still won’t use him properly.

    • sasi2012

      he will probably continue to play a buffon each week until his contract will end , sadly

      • BIG M

        Really is BS whats happened to his career all because he married the wrong women.
        What is it they say in America bros before hoes.

        • sasi2012

          what happen with taryn terell was 3 yeas ago
          they need to give the guy a second chance to prove himself

          • BIG M

            Based on an article on here a few months ago they were but I guess it was either pulled or it was never really gonna happen.

          • sasi2012

            yeah . like they report about repackaging wade barrett.
            he has visa issues that solved a month ago , but wwe didnt bring him back yet.
            the wrost thing for wwe superstar is to know that creative has nothing for you , then you know you become irrelevant

          • BIG M

            You know the amount of amazing talent in wwe that there doing nothing with at the minute is appalling.
            And yet they wonder why people are sick of seeing Cena or Orton in the main event over and over again.

          • Avalanchian

            Barrett is simply just boring. Sure he has a look but the crowds just aren’t sold on him.

    • Best In The World

      Did you not see McIntyre in 2009, WWE pushed that guy to the moon and he was a total flop. Go back and watch those matches from 09, you could hear a pin drop in the arena when he wrestled, fans could of cared less. Had nothing to do with who he married. He’s just not very good plain & simple.