Drew McIntyre Says He's "Part Bionic Now" But Won't Be Missing Any Time At Work

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Drew McIntyre wrote the following on Twitter:


  • whisperingsmile

    I’m confused. How is he part bionic? What happened to him?

  • Does anybody know what surgery he gof?

  • Patrick Peralta

    I think he is makeing a joke . looks like he has a computer now at home.. since that is what he posted. he is on the road all the time so he doesn't have time to be online and you can use twiiter on the road.

    • whisperingsmile

      It looked like he was in a hospital I’m sure there was a drip in the photo. Either that or I’m seeing things again! Haha!

    • Conley

      That's not a home, that's a hospital. I've had my fair share of experience being hooked up to stuff there.

    • VLG

      That appears to be in a hospital, not a home. I think he had surgery.

    • havoc525

      Why would he have an IV hookup at home?

    • jdl

      That's not an image of a home computer, it's clearly hooked up to hospital equipment. He likely just got minor surgery done.

    • Bishop

      You’ve never been in a hospital before, have you?

  • Guy Landau

    This is mean and I'm almost as sad about it as he is, but… What time at work?

    • The time he stands around backstage. Lolz.

    • Miles

      Didn’t you know he puts together and pulls apart the announce table every show

  • Ken

    Part Bionic,
    And Organic,
    Not A Cyborg;

    (Yeah I know the reference is a little dated…)


    Good ol' scottish sense of humor!

  • JasonGaza

    Part bionic??? What happened?

  • Ellen

    He works? Interesting – hope his bionic helps him, somehow.

  • Benjs

    I can personally say he’s in the hospital I’ve been in and out of hospitals my whole life I know one when I see one

    • Nostaljack

      Yeah, that's quite obviously a pic of a hospital.

  • Jane McIlysh

    FYI, people, he DID have surgery on his wrist and evidently, had something inserted to enforce it,erego, while it IS a legit call, he was being lighthearted about it.

  • outkazt09

    they gave him some sort of terminator gimmick. maybe so he can copy Arnold and finally develop a personality.