Drew McIntyre Talks Being 'John Cena of NXT'

Drew McIntyre was on X-Pac's podcast this past week and talked about a variety of topics.

On Gabe Sapolsky working with NXT Creative:

He’s fantastic. He thinks so far ahead. He always just gets me…He’s in NXT now. He’s able to help me out. Gabe is able to say ’hey if we give you a mic in the ring that’s like a stronger area for a guy who really wasn’t a promo guy before.

He says TakeOver will top SummerSlam:

NXT Takeover, is only four times a year, they’re always a spectacle, everyone busts their ass . And we’ve got like a silent competition, I’ll say it. Summerslam is the next day…we wanna top Summerslam. We’re gonna top Summerslam.

Finally, he talked about being the John Cena of NXT:

Just think of me as your John Cena of NXT. If there is something going on & someone doesn’t want to do it, then I’m your guy. I’m doing this, I’m happy. It’s nothing fake, I generally do enjoy this.


  • Avalanchian

    Love how his 2nd time around is much more amazing. NXT seems to elevate many people and then it’s the poor SD or Raw writing that buries lots of great talent.