Drew McIntyre Update

Drew McIntyre wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Voice_of_Wrestling

    Push DREW

    • outkazt09

      why? he should be released.

      • SRP

        What possible reason do you have to say that?

        • outkazt09

          He is boring, no charisma, and no personality.

          • Andrew Ace

            Yo dude make up your mind. You bash attitude era fans for wanting some older talent to come back but here you are bashimg current talent. Get off this site

      • _JIM_

        That's a pretty dumb statement… As far as I'm concerned Drew McIntyre is totally under utilized and is very deserving of a push to the top. He has everything that a main event worker needs to succeed.

      • TLKiller990

        You should be released too, from the earth. Mr. Ryback, what do you think about this guy?

        Ryback: STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

        Thank you Mr. Ryback.

    • Herman Tank

      Yes, they should push Drew…right off a cliff! MWA HA HA!!! But seriously, a really big cliff.

      • Bored kid

        Drew mcyntire needs a big push

        • outkazt09

          funny how nobody that is a fan of drew gave no specific reasons why he should ne pushed. Why? because there is no reason to push him. the guy is a jobber.

  • Kyle

    I am a huge fan on Drew McIntyre and with the right push he could go far. Just imagine a program with Sheamus. The Scottish man vs The Irish man. Would be a great storyline in my opinion.

    • Ken

      From what I remember they've worked together a lot before they hit the WWE

      • Bishop

        They feuded for the FCW title a few times

  • Sjenttivensventa

    John cena and randy Orton should be released

    • Mannnnn

      Please show some intelligence

      • That statement wasnt lacking any intelligence at all.

        • A.J.

          It also wasn’t containing any.

      • Sjenttivensventa

        They both are boring robotic and predictable who are bad business men at least Orton haven’t heard a lot of negative cena behind scenes

    • Callum

      I dont want to live on this planet anymore!

  • Thumpa

    Drew could be huge if used properly, he’s one of the best ring workers of 2012, he’s been pulling new moves out the bag each week on Superstars and his aggression is awesome, he could be such a great character!

  • Patrick Peralta

    I agree great Additude from Drew.

  • Rob

    Are t these similar things to what dean ambrose is associated with ie new generation and revolution?

  • Logan_Walker

    I will never understand why everyone is on this guys bandwagon. I’m pretty sure no one cared about him during his 2009 to early 2010 run. Stop being hypocrites.

  • jbias

    Watch the wwe greatest fueds: bret vs shawn. I love how they talk about all of the older guys were all big guys that just did the same moves over and over but when bret or shawn came they were smaller (bret said he felt smal at 235) and always tried to change moves so the fans never knew what was coming. Love love love how they bashed hogan and warrior and the guys that were like cena and actually most of wwe now where “once the bell rings its the same ol show” with the same moves over and over….. Need a change like they had then and btw guess where those two great hof guys started… Tag team division which doesnt even exist right now. Could give a ton of guys some tv time and have great matches if they put some effort into tag teams again and actually worked smarter instead of goin out being a robot doin same move set collecting a paycheck

    • Jeremy

      bret hart was NOTORIOUS for his "five moves of doom". ever match it was Atomic drop, russian leg sweep, back breaker, elbow from second rope and sharp shooter. shawn michaels has his own set. Manhattan drop, flying forearm, scoop slam, flying elbow from top rope, super kick…..all 'the greats' have this set.

  • Owen

    For those of you who like Drew (and I do) if you were booking WWE what would you do to book Drew?

    • Herman Tank

      No one commented so no else likes him.