Earl Hebner Injured, Slammiversary Attendance, Bischoff Praises Taryn

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Earl Hebner Injured

Referee Earl Hebner suffered a knee injury during Bully Ray vs. Sting at TNA Slammiversary last Sunday.

Slammiversary Attendance

Speaking of Slammiversary, the show drew 3,800 fans from the Agganis Arena at Boston University in Boston, MA.

Bischoff Praises Taryn

Taryn Terrell continues to receive a lot of praise following her bout at Slammiversary. Eric Bischoff wrote the following on Twitter:

  • B Haan

    Honestly, I gotta say that the Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell match this past Sunday was one of the greatest woman’s matches I’ve ever witnessed! Edge of my seat! They stole the show and both are worthy of a HOF induction some day in my opinion. Thank you ladies! Much respect!

  • John

    The knockouts match was definitely a great women’s match.. However the praise it has been getting is way overblown! It really wasn’t anything special if you’re comparing it with wrestling matches in general.