Early WWE Raw Preview - Go-Home To Royal Rumble

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WWE will broadcast the go-home to Royal Rumble episode of Raw Monday night from the Shark Tank, HP Pavilion, in San Jose, California. Here's a quick preview of the show:

  • The final build for CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship
  • Team Rhodes Scholars prepare for their WWE Tag Team Championship match at the pay-per-view
  • The Miz hunting down Antonio Cesaro after adopting the Figure-Four Leglock
  • Big Show's back against the wall
  • More 30-man Royal Rumble participants

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  • I have to admit that I’m quite excited for this go home RAW. The Rumble is my favorite PPV of the year, and they’ve done a solid job of building for it. I worry that Punk vs Rock will overshadow the actual Rumble Match, but beyond that, I’m thrilled.

    Hopefully there will be more blows thrown between Rocky and Punk tonight, though I have to admit that I wish Rocky had an actual match – even if it was a squash – before the Rumble. I think the fans need, and deserve, to see Rocky in action before the big night.

    • Razmos

      Not unless The Rock is set to lose at the Rumble, if he was to wrestle before and win then lose at the Rumble it wouldnt make sence, if he loses at the Rumble it wouldnt hurt his character to much. Then he Wrestles on Raw up to elimination chamber building up a winning streak to then finally win the strap at EC

  • I’ll be there tonight. Can’t wait