Early WWE Raw Preview - Punk's Title Reign, John Cena After The WHC, AJ Lee, TLC

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WWE Raw will take place Monday night from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Below are the key focal points of the show:

  • How long will CM Punk's WWE Championship reign last?
  • Is John Cena poised to win the World Heavyweight Championship?
  • Who is next in The Shield's sights.
  • Will AJ Lee continue winning?
  • Who needs to gain momentum before WWE TLC?

We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • philg

    I doubt highly that Cena will take the briefcase off of Ziggler baring him doing/saying something incredibly stupid backstage to piss of a higer up.. otherwise I think this is just the next step in pushing Ziggler to the top.. what would make him more credible as a Champion than beating a former champ who happens to be the face of the company. It would give Ziggler a huge boost I feel. Would love to see Ziggler wait till WM to cash in to make his rise to stardom even bigger.. he is the showoff! Winnig at WM will give him plenty to show off and brag about!