Economic Impact Of Wrestlemania 29, Triple H Will Never Leave The Business

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Economic Impact of Wrestlemania 29 has the first details regarding the economic impact of Wrestlemania 29 in New Jersey. The article notes that workers earned about $1.4 million in gross salaries and benefits. Between Wrestlemania 29, the Hall of Fame Ceremony and Wrestlemania Axxess, fans bought more than 140,000 tickets. WWE says Axxess was their most highly attended yet.

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Triple H Has No Regrets

Forbes has a new article online featuring quotes from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. In it, Hunter says he would have no regret if his next match was his last.

“I wouldn’t have one regret,” said Triple H. “I wouldn’t have any. I’ve had a hell of career, a hell of a run. I’ve done everything I wanted to do in this business. I’ll never leave this business. It’s ironic. Years ago when I said it about being in the game, you know that statement was really about the business. It was about being a student of the game and about this business and when I say the game will never die, I truly mean that. None of us are bigger than this. None of us are bigger than the WWE. It will always continue to go on and I will always be a part of it.”

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Speaking of Triple H, he still has some swelling in his left hand but has no broken bones. He's expected to "accept" Brock Lesnar's challenge for a steel cage match at Extreme Rules on next week's WWE Raw from London, England.

  • Michael

    I actually wouldn’t mind Hunter winning the wwe or world title a few more times and having another full time run before he retires. I wouldn’t be against him break flair 16 reigns.

    • BobCobb

      Agree 100% would love to see that. I like when he turns it up and he is playing his mean, aggressive, intimidating persona. He gives great promos when he’s that character. I do like his more comedic roles too, but love when he is in ass kicker mode!!

  • Josh Tate

    Triple H’s grammar is bad for a corporate executive. ”None of us are bigger than the WWE?” Come on Hunter: none is a negation of not one, and we cannot say ‘not one of us are bigger than the WWE.’ It’s ‘none of us is bigger than the WWE.’

    There, grammar lesson over.

    • GODSENT68


      • Josh Tate

        Sarcasm is lost on you then? Idiot. Do you really think a multi-millionaire world champion corporate executive cares what a slightly overweight douche like me thinks of his grammar?

        • mikedurant79


        • WorldsWorstEntertainment

          The dude just cut his hair, obviously he’s taking baby step on what it takes to be a credible business man.