Eden's Latest, Xavier Woods Speaks, Hogan Prayed WWE Wouldn't Lose War

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- Eden's latest video blog is now online at this link. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

- Xavier Woods was interviewed to promote the new WWE SuperCard game. Click here to read it.

- Hulk Hogan told USA Today's "For the Win" blog that even when he was WCW's top worker that he hoped WWE wouldn't lose the Monday Night War. He said that while he prayed WCW would become the number one wrestling show, he also prayed WWE would thrive. You can read the comments at this link.

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  • Scott Davies

    To Hogan on what he said. I call b.s.

    • Undecided Voter

      100% agree. Hogan is just a walking BS factory.

      • Bob’s Diner

        What are you talking about? He is an honest and humble man!
        I mean, Andre the Giant was 10 feet tall, 1000 pounds and Hogan feared for his life against the man – how can you not believe his anecdotes??

        • Undecided Voter

          Ha. PS Bob, this is J Vomkrieg, i renamed myself due to the election in NZ.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Wassup! Good call – understand the name change

        • ed leslie

          my favourite one was when he appeared on an episode of cribs in the mid 2000’s . when he was in his wrestling memorabilia room he pointed to a pair of boots and said ” these were the very boots i was wearing when i slammed the 800lb andre the giant. unfortunately a few days later he then passed away ” …..it was in fact 6 years later that andre died !

  • Paul

    I suppose Hogan prayed TNA would get obliterated by WWE in the second Monday night war too

  • Tyler

    He isn’t saying that he wanted WWE to win necessarily. He
    was saying that while WCW was dominating for 84 straight weeks he hoped that
    WWE would thrive as opposed to going out of business. He has said (like many
    others) many times that the business is better when there are 2 thriving
    companies. Sometimes I feel like people just bash Hogan to bash him.