Over The Edge 1999 Included In WWE Network; Naomi Posts Graphic Injury Update

- WWE has released a complete list of the available WWE, WCW & ECW pay-per-views available on the forthcoming WWE Network. Some readers have asked if the WWE Network would include the Over The Edge 1999 pay-per-view, during which Owen Hart tragically died. The list confirms that the pay-per-view will be available in some form. Click here to view the complete list.

- Naomi posted a graphic photo of her injured eye, the result of a botched knee drop from Aksana on Raw, to her Twitter account:

  • King A sshole

    Please change your mind, WWE. As much as I would like to say, nobody is going to watch it, there are going to be those sick individuals out there that will watch just in hopes of seeing something gruesome.

    • opie

      Any film of Owen falling has never been seen. At worst, they will cut away from the entrance just as they did on the live PPV.

      • anthonyd46

        They basically just showed shots of the crowd and JR talking in the original airing

        • opie

          I can’t remember what was airing when he fell. Was it a video of the build to the match or something? Either way, the actual fall wasn’t on the screen. Thankfully. RIP Owen.

          • anthonyd46

            http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uOD4uPKgCo well basically in the video here it shows doing a video package then you see a shot of the blue blazer at :53 I’m not sure if they mistakenly cut to a live feed there or if its still part of the video package. Then at about 1:07 Jr says we got huge problems here while the title card is up and he just has said they were going to go to the interview taped earlier. So yea it was between the video build and pre taped interview.

          • Patrick

            When Owen Fell at the time they were showing a pre-recorded interview of Owen as the Blue Blazer and his up coming fight with the GodFather.

      • John

        There is absolutely no chance that anything to do with Owen Hart’s death will be showing from the “Over The Edge” PPV on the network! It’s a disgraceful decision from WWE to even include the event on the network!

  • Bob’s Diner

    Terrible idea. Disgusted to see that included.
    Also, their list of WCW shows is incomplete – no Great American Bash until 1989, I believe. A bit strange. I was really hoping to see a more complete version of the 1985 event instead of the heavily edited one hour release they did