Edge Admits He Never Liked His Theme Music

Edge told Alex Obert that he never liked his "You Think You Know Me" entrance theme because it didn't fit what he actually listened to. Click here to read his comments in their entirety.

  • Eddie Edwards

    This is pretty surprising to me. He always seemed so pumped up when he came out.

  • Chad

    Ok the way this article is written it is a little misleading. If you read the actual interview Edge never like his original theme music, the one he used before “Never gonna stop me”. Which is why he was excited when he was able to switch to never gonna stop.

    • Chad

      He wasn’t referring to his Alter Bridge song

      • Nostaljack

        Yep. The title is indeed misleading.

  • How is this misleading?

    “AO: What people generally relate to you and music, you had Rob Zombie’s Never Gonna Stop as your entrance theme, but when you went back to You Think You Know Me, what was the process like of finding a new entrance theme?

    AC: Replacing Never Gonna Stop wasn’t my choice. The copyright ran out on Never Gonna Stop. And the way that started is, I tore my labrum in my shoulder, but I didn’t get surgery, so I ended up having a month off. So I threw a shot in the dark. I always hated that You Think You Know Me music because it never fit me and what I actually listen to. I had actually said that I wanted to use this Black Label Society song and they were like, “Okay, well here’s our version of it.” And it just sounded like a bad ripoff with this cheesy voice. The guys that did Big Show’s music and they did this version of Black Label and it was just not good. It just sounded like a bad ripoff. Rob Zombie, he had a new album coming out, “Can we get this?” A shot in the dark. Next week, they brought me a copy of the CD, The Sinister Urge, and I was just like, “Oh, really? Holy shit!” I didn’t think that was gonna happen. So I had four tracks and they said the album hasn’t been released, so you can’t let anybody hear this. And I said, “Okay. Never Gonna Stop.” I come back from an injury, that makes sense. So I used it, really, really liked it. And then when I came back from the neck injury, they were like, “Okay, well we can’t use it.” And also if you watch DVDs, it’s never on the DVDs. So they piped in my original music.”

    Looks and reads to me that he hated You think you know me and wanted Never going to stop..

  • PD

    Just to clear any confusion, the song Edge has been using since 05-ish isn’t “You Think You Know Me”. That song is “Metalingus” and features the opening of “You Think You Know Me” before going into the song. Edge hated the theme before “Never Gonna Stop Me” that was also used between “Never Gonna Stop Me” and “Metalingus”