Edge At Raw?, Divas Not Allowed In Qatar, WWE Talent At Arnold Expo

- Edge was asked on Twitter if he'd be at next week's "Old School" episode of WWE Raw and he responded by saying no.

- WWE wasn't allowed to feature Divas at their recent live events in Qatar. They were told beforehand that scantily dressed females were unacceptable in the Islamic country.

- David Otunga, Aksana, Mark Henry and Kaitlyn are scheduled from the Arnold Fitness Expo this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. They'll be at the Muscle & Fitness Booth on Friday from 2-4 PM then on Sunday from 3-5 PM.


  1. Patrick 28 February, 2013 at 21:33 Reply

    Now that is funny Qatar like half-naked guys and are ok with it……but half naked women they don’t like…………I’ll take seeing half-naked (or fully naked ) women anytime…………but then that’s me LOL.. I agree with Dangerous Lee remind me never to move to Qatar.

  2. sir-rusty82 1 March, 2013 at 05:33 Reply

    Its because in the Islamic countrys women are there to work and breed they have no rights not even allowed to show there hole face and some of them cant even show more than their eyes. Alot of the men over there have a saying “women are for breeding men are for fun” Im no homofobe but even homosexuals have more respect for women and dont get me started on all the families taking pride if a rich man chooses their son in there dancing rituals yeh they get rich and spoilt for life but the amount of pedaphilia they endure in their young little lives and then the cycle goes on and this is their belief in their culture but yeah they say the divas dress scantily. This gets me fired up more than any comments about any WWE stars

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