Edge Having Surgery On Thursday; Still Won't Be Able To Wrestle Again

Edge is scheduled to undergo neck surgery on Thursday. In a media interview in September, Edge admitted he's been delaying the surgery since his retirement from the ring in 2011.

He was asked on Twitter if the surgery was successful if he would be able to return to the ring. Edge answered by saying the doctors say he will not be able to wrestle again.

  • Graham williams

    If only he could come back, bloody miss edge great wrestler & one of the best on the mic

  • smithmiester

    Doesn’t history show that you shouldn’t believe a word edge says?

    • History shows that wrestlers do not listen to doctors.

  • ericdraven86

    HBK was told he wouldn't wrestle again in '98 I believe, but he came back.

    I am not holding my breath either way. Edge was an amazing performer, and I am grateful for all the years he stayed on and damaged his body for our entertainment. If he is able to come back one day, I will be very happy. But for now, I'm just thankful I got to see his entire WWE career as it happened.

    • Chip Walker

      As soon as I read the headline of this article I immediately remembered HBK. He broke his back and we thought he would never wrestle again. He retired in 1998 and in 2002 he came back better than ever! Medicine today has come really far. Only thing it can’t cure is cancer, but everything else it seems to work! I believe Edge can still come back from this!

  • Matt

    HBK was told he could NEVER wrestle again and got 10 more years out of that. I want Edge to be healthy, but if he's ever able to come back, the company and for ratings sake, we could use him a lot.

  • Sam The Man.

    Thé différence is that Edge is happy away from the ring and don't want to come back

  • christopher525

    The biggest issue, I think, is that doctors may have to actually clear him to work again, If that's the case, and they're telling him no, that means that a) he likely asked about the chances and b) they said they wouldn't ever clear him to work.

  • frank

    He can make that once a year comeback to wrestle at wrestlemania but he gotta grow his long hair back for it