Edge On A Possible Return To WWE - "Right Now, I Don't Miss It"

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Wrestling News World reader Shannon sent in the following:

The Morning After Show with Cotter and Modz on 94x in Prince George recently posted an audio interview with Edge. In the interview, he talks about his upcoming appearance on Haven, why he cut his hair, and whether he plans on returning to WWE in a non-wrestling role. The hosts then puzzled the Hall of Famer in a trivia game towards the end of the interview.

The interview is embedded below:

  • Charles

    Right now, as always, I miss Edge :(.

  • Autista

    Why would be come back? The product is in a massive slump. How can you be the Rated-R Superstar in the PG Era? Just not worth the hassle.

  • Darcey

    It’s good thing a rumor has been put to rest after somebody, who pretended to be a close source lied to other wrestling news. Edge looks like he has a bright future ahead of him now that he’s doing a lot acting gigs. I definitely missed seeing him on tv and it’s a shame that he can’t wrestle anymore.

  • Lenny

    If Edge came back I would want him in the role of Raw GM! But not the goody goody Edge, I would want to see him as the “master manipulator”. We are in need of a great heel GM, the last heel GM of Raw that was just awesome was Eric Bishoff. After that it just went down hill (Mike ADAMLE). Vickie was also a great heel GM but she shined on Smackdown. I just don’t get it, so many names that couldve been GM like Edge, Mick Foley, JBL, they go and pick AJ…Smh!

  • JasonGaza

    edge will have a sitcom soon in the future

  • Tony P.

    I’m glad he not coming back. Guy wasn’t really that good anyway. WWE gave him the HOF because of a neck injury? Wow.

    • Dave Barton

      How about for consistantly putting on great matches & entertaining segments? Or for holding more WWE sanctioned titles than anyone else ever?

      Wow. Just wow. Troll much?

    • Mav

      U must not watch WWE programming faithfully Or even often!

  • Tom lee

    I don't think edge Come back and fight again since he is HOF..