Edge Responds To Being Name-Dropped In Triple H Promo

WWE Hall of Famer Edge took to Twitter to address followers that were upset over Triple H name-dropping him in his promo on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Edge wrote…

Chris Jericho, who was also name-dropped in the promo, responded in a different manner.

For those that missed the segment, below an excerpt of the promo from Kendra Bunyon's Raw results:

Trip – Here’s the thing Daniel, I’ve seen guys like you come and go a million times. Guys like Jericho, Edge, RVD, all guys that are very talented, don’t get me wrong, top guys, very popular, but not the one, but never the one. Nobody wants to say this, but it needs to be said, it’s a fact, if any of those guys had been The face of the WWE back in the day, we’d all be working for Ted Turner right about now. You think you’re playing in the big leagues kid? You have no idea. You step inside that HIAC, and I have a feeling, you’re going to prove to the world that all you are is a B+ player.

Click here for complete results from this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

  • Xavier

    Great response by Edge.

  • mike

    i love the realism of triple h,s character. Although hes still playing a character, hes making references to things that most fans will think is true about him, how in the past he would have been influencing decisions based on other wrestlers (or so the fans would think due to his marriage and position from that). Hes doing really well embracing that corporate role.



      • Bobby W.

        “It’s stil real to me damnit!” is all I hear there

  • Vaneyscopaz

    Triple H must feel like Kendrick Lamar right now lmaooo

  • BigMike

    the funny thing is HHH was never the face of WWF/E either his BFF was for awhile SCSA was and Cena but never HHH even though his BFF is one of the greatest ever and he married the boss’s daughter he STILL will never be the face of the company and his promo was in character but his ego really does have him thinking high about himself but with HBK or Steph, HHH would never have been more than a mid-card talent if he was lucky

    • Mysterionc

      All that with just a single bit of punctuation. And why constantly call Shawn Michaels his “BFF”? Wasn’t funny once, definitely not twice. And it’s disrespectful to one of the greatest of all time to regard him as “his BFF”.

  • Trips838

    I have to disagree. After the Rock and Austin left in 2002ish, Triple H was “The Guy” in early 2003 when he started with Evolution (and even when he returned after his quad injury and once the partnership with SCSA ended). While people hate to admit that because he is “the guy married to the boss’s daughter” and the boss who everyone though had everything handed to him, its still true. You don’t get a pop like that when you return in 2002 if you aren’t popular and over. And boy was he over.

  • Charles A Estepp

    I ‘m a not a big man but I worked for 23 years fighting larger guys in the ring and had a great time doing it and like edge it came down to an injury to my neck and spine so had to stop was I the face of the company no but I was also in charge of making the company how good it was.