Edge Returning To Smackdown, Big Show To Replace Cena On Weekend Live Events, WWE's Retraction On Cena Report

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- WWE is officially advertising Edge for this week's Smackdown. Edge, who taped the appearance on Tuesday night at the WWE television tapings, will promote "Haven" while being involved in the Daniel Bryan and Kane storyline.

- Big Show will replace John Cena on this weekend's Raw live events, facing CM Punk for the WWE Championship. Paul Heyman will be on the loop as Punk's manager.

- Once John Cena corrected the staff over at dot com regarding his return timetable, the official WWE website posted the following statement:

"The information published about John Cena's recovery was given to WWE.com prior to surgery. In speaking to Dr. Andrews after the procedure, in light of the amount of work that needed to be done and the number of bone chips removed, the prognosis for recovery is closer to six to eight weeks. Knowing John Cena, the former WWE Champion will do everything he needs to get back in the ring as soon as possible."

  • Evon Reese

    Oh WOW. Big Show and Punk. I really want be watching now. You would think Super Punk could carry Raw all by himself. Maybe he will show up with a gallon of bleach and start pouring it all over fans now.

  • anonymous

    (besides giving the fans a good show) why does wwe decide to put title matches on live shows more than often when they dont ever let the challenger win??? i can understand once awhile but they got cm punk defending almost every week for what???they just put punk over everytime….and than on the tv programming the give cena chance after chance after chance….after chance……..same for del rio with sheamus hope they dont make their rematch at hell in the cell as well….but as wwe became so predictable over the years……they might give del rio another chance…..again….haha

    • J-Dub

      A lot of times the live matches that are not on TV are used to let the wrestlers practice against each other. So when they are on the live TV or PPV they do not mess up. In addition titles have changed hands on a few accounts one that comes to mind was the Tag Team Titles that were lost at a house show not to long ago to get it off of Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston when Evan violated the companies wellness act.

  • Jashaun

    Haha wow no cena or Orton on the house shows

    • Evon Reese

      Yeah that will improve the ratings. Vince got scared. Cena will be on raw.

  • Owolola adebola

    I was never appointed by the wwe management to become a viewer of their shows. But I can tell you that am highly disappointed with the outcome of the c.m.punk vs John cena show. I need an explanation from someone…why the rip off now…hypocrisy of the highest order.

  • Bishop

    I watched a battle royal in Honolulu where Benoit won by eliminating Big Show at the end. It was the same ending as the RR finish.

    Like J-Dub said, it’s for practice

  • Kevin

    It doesn't make sense for Punk to defend his title against The Big Show. Punk is already in a title storyline with Cena; we know that Big Show won't beat Punk and take the belt, so why let the belt be on the line. Just let them wrestle each other, non-title. That way, Show could win without messing with the Punk/Cena storyline.

    • Daniel Lyons

      No if show were to win, tip or not he would then have a claim for a shot.