Edge Reveals That He Is Getting Neck Surgery November 8th

WWE Hall of Famer, Edge was interviewed on The Matthew Aaron Show. The interview ranges from his appearance on Haven to his book. Edge talks about the reaction he got when fans saw his hair cut, joining Twitter, his favorite bands, but most importantly he talked about his physical condition. Edge reveals that his back is in excellent condition but he is going in for neck surgery November 8th. He has been holding it off since he retired in 2011. The surgery is to relieve pressure on his spinal column. Edge discusses his upcoming surgery at the 30 minute mark. On a side note, he talks about being the last person to fight Owen Hart.

The interview may be long but it's worth listening to for Edge in and out of the ring. The interview has explicit language and is lengthly. It is embedded below:

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  • Streamroller

    Skip the first 14 minutes before the interview actually begins. The host is annoying and keeps interrupting and going off on random tangents and giving Edge career advice. Then after the interview, he calls CM Punk a "piece of **** human being" (skip to around 59 minute mark if you want to hear).

    • Nick b

      The host or edge calls him that?

      • Streamroller

        The host calls him that. Edge's interview was pre-taped, and the host made that comment after the interview when they were back live. i.e. Edge wasn't there to refute/confirm the **** they were talking.

    • AnacondaVise

      When you are the best in the world haters gonna hate.

  • Henry

    That guy needs to get "Rated R" the right way around.