Edge Reveals Who He Wants To Induct Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

-Edge recently took part in a radio interview on 97.9/105.5 KISS-FM and revealed that he asked to have Christian induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. He went on to explain:

"That's who I want it to be, and when asked, that's who I said it needs to be. That was the last I heard, so I'm gonna assume that it's him. To me, that's what makes sense. How can it be anybody else, y'know?

If it wasn't him, I'd want it to be someone completely random and nonsensical and just like, have Mae Young induct me."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

  • Wwe4L76

    Haha! Mae young

  • Evil Kevyn

    Makes sense. Then when Christian is inducted Edge can return the favour.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    it better be christian or i will boo the hell out of that person who inducts edge (unless its mae young…)

  • Logan_Walker

    i just dont think that Christian Will be in the HOF i just cant see it

    • Evil Kevyn

      If Koko B. Ware, Drew Carey and Tito Santana are in there, I think Christian stands a good chance someday.

      • Mike

        Koko, Drew, and Tito didn't wrestle for TNA though, whereas Christian did. Considering how childish Vince can be at times, it might be enough to disqualify Christian from the running. Admittedly Tito wrestled for the early ECW, but since Vince owns the video library for that that's a different matter (he does, right? might as well own the whole thing if he has that). He deserves it IMO.

  • Blazeking

    Edge has mad respect for Mae Young!!!

  • wwe fan 250611

    Who should induct undertaker

    • AJG316

      Kane or Paul bearer

    • Mike



  • wwe fan 250611

    Is randy savage in hall of fame this year he should be

  • Dave Barton

    I’m pulling for Sweet Daddy Siki to induct him.

  • XKonn247

    This was a premium story in January…

  • Assassin

    To the person who said Koko B. Ware & Tito Santana: you talking like they were nobodies. Were you around when they wrestled?

    • Guest

      No, he probably wasn't. Both were huge stars.

      Christian is a Grand Slam champ himself you know. What is he, like a 9x Tag champ, 6x World Champ, 3 time IC champ, 1x Light Heavyweight Champ — or something similar to that. The guy is a legend.

    • Evil Kevyn

      Koko B.Ware did nothing except sing stupidly and carry a parrot. The only highlight I can remember was when he teamed with Owen Hart to form High Energy with those god awful parachute pants. Tito Santana managed what, two IC reigns? A couple tag titles and did nothing as El Matador. I'm not saying they were TOTAL nobodies, but comparing hardware should get Christian in the HOF if these guys got in.

  • Ricky Valdez

    I still don’t no how koko b. ware got in to hof, if he got in Christian will be in one day if not for his tag team with edge or his singles career, amazing wrestler.

  • Jeremy

    There are a few ppl fit enough to induct Edge (other than Mae Young):

    1 – Christian, his former tag partner.
    2 – Hulk Hogan, his wrestling idol (though the Hulkster probably won't be able to make it due to his tie with TNA atm).
    3 – Matt Hardy, his long time rival and tag team rival as well. Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz were the ones that made the WWE tag team division worth watching.
    4 – Vickie Guerrero, his storyline wife.
    5 – Gangrel, his former Brood leader.

  • Chandan

    i think the leader of brood can be….but other than chirstian, it could be Satino….

  • Nishanth

    If not Christian, I’d like Randy Orton, his former Rated RKO buddy to induct him