Edge Shows Off New Look, Bobby Eaton Released From The Hospital, Footage Of Daivari's Train Rescue

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- Edge showed off a new look on his Twitter account that you can view below:

- Bobby Eaton was released from the hospital on Wednesday. Eaton was hospitalized Arkansas last weekend due to pneumonia and heart failure.

- Remember Daivari's train rescue? Footage has surfaced and is embedded in the video below:

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  • Enforcer

    He looks like Carson Palmer’s twin with that hair.

  • Joe

    Doesn't Edge look like Dr.House? Haha!

    Just ribbing on you, Edgeward. You know I love ya!

  • kbunyon

    As much as I spent so much time loving Edge with all that hair, I have to say that this buzzed down look with the scruffy face really works on him. Actually makes him look a bit younger, but that might just be how happy he looks these days that he's not so physically beaten up every day.

    I also have to say how impressed I am with Daivari. I know it's not the thing for the average person to do, but he really handled that situation, and did a great job protecting other passengers.


    • KingKongBrody

      Daivari is awesome lots of respect for what he did. I wish he would come back he’s a great heel who knew how to get heat very old school.

  • Ken

    That news broadcast has probably done more to advertise TNA than TNA (Dixie, Jarrett, Hulk, Bisch, whoever else) has done in the last six years.
    Go Daivari!

    • Blaze


  • bluefunk72

    Now only if they can get Mohammed Hassan and Daivari back together again!

  • bluefunk72

    I wonder if Jayson Werth will get a buzzcut as well?

  • Ellen

    Edge is one of those rare individuals that seems to get better and better as they age. Loved the long hair – and love the new short look.

  • Nick

    Damn! DavAri straight up chocked that boy!

  • Ricky

    I always felt bad for Daivari he always seemed to be stuck as a second fiddle to some (Mohammed Hassan, the Great Khali, Kurt Angle) that he never got a chance to shine in the WWE. Sadly he's almost always going to be an Anti American heel. I do hope WWE signs him again and maybe breaks Mahal away from the band and teams him with Daivari.

  • Bishop

    Looks much better than the photoshopped pic of “bald Edge” by Kurt Angle

    I miss when WWE use to do those photoshops for the Titan tron…even Jericho’s when he was feuding with “that guy”