Edge Tells Me Who Will Be Inducting Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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I had the privilege of interviewing 2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Edge back in August. In the interview, I asked Edge about the WWE Hall of Fame and who he would like as his inductor. Below is my question and his answer:

Richard Gray: The WWE Hall of Fame -- you've accomplished everything, multiple World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Champion -- is it something that you would be interested in if asked? And if asked, who would you have induct you?

Adam Copeland: Sure it'd be cool. Yes, I mean I think it'd be. You look at it and go, "Okay, yes that's definitely something that, if they ever decide, yes great." I wouldn't say, "No."

And then induction-wise, you've got to go with Christian. I don't know who else besides him you could even contemplate choosing for it. I think he's the gimme for sure.

You can read the full transcript of my interview with Edge at this link.

  • outkazt09

    Am happy for Edge. I remember watching his 1stname match in WWE. He jumped over the top rope to hit the guy and won via count out. Thanks for the memories.

    • havoc525

      It was, I think, Miguel from Los Boicuas, and Edge missed on his flip and messed up the guy’s neck.

  • Matt Scott

    "Who WILL be"? He says who he thinks it should be… Not who it WILL be

    • JakShowtime

      Who else would it be? I automatically assumed it would be Christian. He's as obvious a choice as you can get.