Edge's Wrestlemania Status, The Rock Taking On More Than He Can Handle?, WWE Interested In Top ROH Name

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- Edge was recently asked on Twitter if he would be at Wrestlemania 29 next year in New Jersey. He responded by saying he will be in Winnipeg the day of the show.

- A lot is being made of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming acting/promotional schedule conflicting with Wrestlemania 29 and appearances leading up to the show. In addition to The Rock having "Snitch" opening in February and "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" opening in March, reports are now surfacing that he's signed on to co-star in a remake of "Arabian Nights," co-starring Zac Affron and Anthony Hopkins that is scheduled to begin filming in March in Abu Dhabi. While The Rock is clearly a busy man, he's confirmed for both Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania

- WWE has reportedly expressed interest in Rami Sebei, better known as El Generico.

  • Charles

    It would be so wrong if they give him the title at the Royal Rumble and then he only appears a couple of times before Wrestlemania! If he's going to have the title he needs to be on raw EVERY week!

  • Fernando

    El Generico would be agreat addition, but I wonder if he will keep that character and also use the brainbustah.

    • Ken

      Likely not. Too much risk of serious neck/head injury. The WWE never allows the cool moves to be used any more.

      • Robert olley

        Nothing cool about a brain buster it’s just a suplex that’s been tweaked a little and has caused very serious problems in the past. Besides you telling me there aren’t cool moves ATM like the rko,450,neutraliser etc

  • Just put El Generico under the Sin Cara mask. He’ll make a better replacement for Mysterio when he retires.

    • Jdp

      Generico neednt be cara caras a good luchadore

  • Monty

    Wwe needs to handle this better we need more of rock is he is to win and we can't have the satellite showings

  • freddy jones

    the rocks not stupid,him and vince knows what they are doing,,i dont think rocks signing on for these movies than is like oh shit,,,i forgot about wrestlemania,,,why wouldnt you want the rock to win at the rumble,,that would be epic

  • Ricky Valdez

    Dwane stick to acting, remember you are an actor and damm good if I may say. If you smell what I’m cooking.

  • Michael

    I'm sure The Rock knows what hes doing what he can do.

  • sdd619

    Well what they could do is have Rock win the title at the rumble, turn him heel on Raw & say he is taking the Title to hollywood. Have the Royal Rumble winner go after the World Title. Book the Elimination Chamber winner to face The Rock. Who has been appearing via Satellite then Have Rock lose to Cena who i guess they are booking Rock to face. Booking Hollywood against the WWE would probably work as Celebrities are usually boo'd, but a cool thing you could do is have all the celebs go for The Rock & bag out WWE fans. My suggestion is turn Hollywood Heel cause then you get an us vs them thing. Fans will still boo Cena, As he is Cena, but you can draw a cult following as Wrestling vs Hollywood. I would love to see that.

    • Marc

      more likely for dolph ziggler to cash in his money in the bank on the rock, with vickie changing the stipulations.