Emma Arrested For Stealing At Walmart

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Emma was arrested on Monday afternoon in Hartford, Connecticut, we can now confirm.

According to public arrest records, available on Hartford.gov, Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, was arrested and charged with sixth degree larceny at a local Walmart. Or in other words, she was arrested for stealing at the retailer.

Emma posted bond one hour and thirteen minutes after her arrest as her arrest was listed at 1:00 PM ET and her release was 2:13 PM ET. You can view her arrest record at this link or embedded in the screen shot below:

This could spell disaster for the Australian Diva as company officials soured on her before this. We heard last week she was rarely discussed and her future was described as "questionable." She Tweeted the following in the hours after her arrest during Raw, as she was at the show:

  • Dave Barton

    There’s gotta be some kind of misunderstanding…could she really be so stupid?

    • Innocent until proven guilty. But with celebrities, it’s guilty until proven innocent. It’s unfair and unfortunate but I truly hope this is all a misunderstanding. She is very talented.

      • Jaryd

        I know we only see a certain side of people but I honestly would not see her as being like that. She seems like a nice person but if the allegations are true then that’s kinda sucky. I will say it’s hardly crime of the century though. If it is true the most I can say against her is it’s a pretty bone-head move

      • wwe rules

        she is only a “celebrity” in the pro wrestling world. emma is not Lindsay lohan. she is not even a z list celebrity. hopefully wwe does not release her. if wwe can survive crazy chris benoit killing his family while under wwe contract, it can survive a little shoplifting incident from one of its independent contractors.

  • Xavier

    *face palms*

  • Why Walmart? Lmao that’s embarrassing.

  • Patrick

    Best of luck in your future endeavors

  • Ronnie

    But you have money…why steal from Walmart?

    • Patrick

      maybe because of the thrill of it. the excitement.

      • Ronnie

        That’s stupid. She’s asking to be cut, giving the company a negative spotlight.

        • Mysterion

          “Stupid”? You are aware there are things ahi as kleptomania?

          • James

            I doubt she is a klepto unless you know something the rest of us don’t.

  • Rich

    That’s… a good way to not have a job… Hopefully it is all just some kind of misunderstanding.

  • Apaigemo

    What did she steal? A grape out of the bag

  • MadDawg

    This makes me sad.

  • Tom Mayer

    my guess is she was stealing a mani kit for santino.

  • Apaigemo

    It was an iPod case that she “tried” to steal

  • 1molly23

    If it’s true – that’s a shame. Just how stupid can people be? WalMart? You’ve got to be kidding!

  • David F

    Her work with Paige in NXT was really good and it was lot better than any diva match on RAW. Shame we wont see that in WWE

  • StanMorris

    Remember, innocent until proven guilty. You might want to put the word “allegedly” before “stealing” too. The way the media works in this country is despicable.

    • No, I completely agree. Read my comment below. However, the way it works for celebrities [not just in this country but throughout the world] is guilty until proven innocent. It’s not fair and it’s very unfortunate.

      However, you can’t blame the media, either. She was arrested for sixth degree larceny or in other words, she was arrested for shoplifting. We didn’t make this up. We simply reported from the police report – which is PUBLICLY available to EVERYONE. It’s such a copout when people blame the media. Understand this…

      1) We didn’t get arrested.
      2) We didn’t publish her arrest report.

      There has to be some accountability here. Be careful what you put on your life resume but when you’re in the public eye and you get arrested, the details are going to get picked up. That’s just the way it works and while it’s not fair, it’s not right to blame the people that report about it either. It’s our job and we’re not going to apologize for it.

      Again, we didn’t get arrested. We didn’t publish her arrest report. Be careful what you put on your life resume.

    • James

      If she took a plea to do community service, it means she is admitting she is guilty.

  • Avalanchian

    Well she is gone from WWE. So damn stupid.

  • Bryan N.

    Larceny 6th? As petty a charge as it is, completely bonehead move on her part. Not a great method to win favor with TPTB.

  • Draven

    Maybe she was tryin to steal snacks for santinos party and thats why she missed it.

  • Vic Jose

    Why post her arrest record?

  • Trapdoor

    Questions are (1) Was it intentional, or a simple mistake (6th degree is hardly huge, so *could* of been a simple mistake. (2) If not a mistake, was this done to get out of contract (But to do so & lose any hope, anywhere seems a bit extreme). (3) Does she have an issue/problem (not saying this = being let off, just she may need help). (4) Was a simple mistake blown out of proportion & highly publicized, for her being recognised as WWE.

  • Rizzy Blanco

    MAYBE she was walking down the aisle doing the Emma-lution dance and accidentily grabbed something by accident lol…where is Bo Dallas when you need him? lmao