Emma To Complete Community Service, Mug Shot Online

There was a quick turnaround on Emma's arrest as she'll complete community service and an online course and all charges will be dropped. Below is her mug shot that has surfaced online:

Emma was arrested at a Hartford, CT Walmart on Monday afternoon and charged with sixth degree larceny. Her lawyer called the arrest a mistake and confirmed she'll complete community service.

TMZ added that it was a "red iHome 'Slim Swivel' iPad Mini case ... on sale for $21.14" that Emma allegedly took from the retailer.

  • Vic Jose

    There’s zero reason to post a mugshot or arrest reports, she’s not a criminal, she made a simple mistake. If anyone really wants to look it up they can.

    • Silver

      All he did was state the facts. It’s news and is relevant whether you like or agree with the charges or not.

  • Venom

    I just love how Richard tweets the bad photos to their actual twitter account. It’s like adding salt to an open wound.