Emma's Lawyer Says Arrest Was A Mistake, Told To Do Community Service

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The Courant out of Connecticut has picked up on the arrest of Emma.

According to their report, Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, appeared in community court on Tuesday and was told to do community service, according to her lawyer Hubert Santos.

Santos said Emma's arrest was a mistake and that she was using the self-checkout machine at the Hartford Walmart on Monday afternoon when she bought about $30 of items but forgot to pay for a case for an iPod or iPad.

The Courant published the same statement that WWE released to us here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com. They noted WWE didn't say if her status as an employee had changed, although what they meant to say was her status as an independent contractor.

Click here for coverage by The Courant.

  • Mike Brailsford

    I hate those self-service machines. Always try to use a till with an assistant as you end up having to call for assistance if you want alcohol or something doesn’t scan. I could well believe what Emma says.

  • MadDawg

    That’s really close to what I suspected happened. I had something very similar happen to a friend where he thought a lighter scanned, but it didn’t, and he was arrested as well. Wal-Mart seems to be fairly unreasonable about things like this. My friend, who had just bought more than $50 in groceries, offered to pay for the lighter and explained that it wouldn’t make sense to spend $50 and steal a $.99 lighter. …. Crap happens. I hope Vince sees this as a simple misunderstanding.

  • J Vomkrieg

    A friend of mine had something simliar happen years ago. He was wearing a big coat and was carrying too much so put a few items in his pockets. He went up, emptied his pockets at the counter and paid.

    He had accidentally not taken out a $0.99 small packet of spices. They arrested him, charged him and banned him from the store. He felt like such an idiot.

  • Jaryd

    Wow, you really like to arrest people in America, don’t you!! Not, “I’m sorry madam I believe you may have forgotten to pay for one of your items, can I just check your receipt? If not you you can pay for it afterwards” Just straight to “THIEF!!!! CALL THE FEDS!!!”

    • That’s more like Walmart for you. Obviously it depends on the Walmart, but as a company, they are known for calling the police rather than accepting an apology for an obvious mistake. I’m not saying anything about Emma’s case, because I wasn’t there, and I don’t know the details, but I do know that Walmart can be quite harsh over simple mistakes.