Entertaining Fan Sign At Wrestlemania, JR On Obnoxious Fans At Hall Of Fame Ceremony

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Entertaining Wrestlemania Sign

New Jersey 101.5 features a snippet on a funny/sad sign in the crowd at Wrestlemania 29 last Sunday. A woman is shown with a sign that reads "My Cheatin Husband's in 129 Row 31 Seat 7-8 (With the home wrecker)."   You can check it out at this link.

Jim Ross Targets Obnoxious Fans

Jim Ross targeted the obnoxious fans at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony from last weekend. Below is an excerpt:

Although I loved the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Madison Square Garden last Saturday night, I have to say that there were times during it that I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

The loud and obnoxious yelling and taunts from some attention starved morons put a damper on the evening especially when Maria Menounos was inducting Bob Backlund. The same stereotypes that many fans detest that are unfairly, at times, hung on them from the main stream media was well deserved by a handful of tools who just had to be heard and noticed.

I wish security was stationed in the cheap seats and would quickly escort those obnoxious fans away from the event. One wold think that a 'real fan' would have more respect for the overall event than to cause so many negative disturbances. I'm all for fans cheering and having fun but off color remarks from the peanut gallery isn't warranted at an event such as the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Click here to read JR's latest in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: I can see the argument on both sides here. I more than understand where JR is coming from in being respectful, however, I can also see the argument from a rowdy fan's perspective. They paid to be there and deserve the right to cheer or boo how they see fit. Now there are obviously lines that can't be crossed, such as racial/homophobic slurs but if WWE doesn't want negative crowd reactions, they should make it a closed event. I wasn't there so I don't know specifically what chant annoyed JR but I'll admit I have a soft spot for a rowdy pro wrestling crowd (see Monday's Raw).

  • WNW Fan

    If the fans who disrupt don’t watch it , thats exactly what the WWE is going to do someday. It’ll be closed to the public and only on pay-per-view (if we’re lucky). Maybe if the network gets going they should close it and just show it on the network.

    • Nah, there’s too much money to be made. WWE is pocketing big time with the Hall of Fame Ceremony. They’re not going to give that up.

      • Nostaljack

        You meant “ballot” process. I would love more dancing too but only from Faaaan. Daaaan. Goooooo.

        • Huh?

          • Nostaljack

            You just fixed it. I saw the misspell. Nice cover… It said “ballet process” to begin with.

          • Oh, a typo? I was wondering how we went from HOF to Fandango. Although to be fair Fandangoing is taking the world by storm.

          • Nostaljack

            I thought your misspell was funny. Calm down a little, huh?

          • JohnnyC

            So? It’s all dancing. Attempt at not being able to take a joke.

          • Nostaljack

            There it is. Enough of the dialog that’s going nowhere. I’m gonna go relax and listen to “ChaChaLaLa” some more. #doesanyoneelsenoticehowoftenpeopleusehashtagswhentheyarentontwitter?

          • This came on a Friday afternoon after pulling the Wrestlemania shifts, I had no idea how we got from HOF to Fandango.

  • Cheaps seats! I love to know how cheap they really are!

    • Another good point. Per our coverage (http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com/2013-wwe-hall-of-fame-induction-ceremony-ticket-information/), tickets were priced $55 to $155. There were no “cheap” seats.

      • Brian

        A pair of wrestlenania tickets cost me over $1,400….$55 is a cheap seat ticket for ANY event over WM weekend. Pennies, lol.

    • Joe Dee

      Fans in New York, Philadelphia and Boston may be the most loyal and the least classy. That deadly combination leads to people spending way beyond their disposable income to attend these events, get drunk, shout obscenities, trash the arena and take the fun out of the experience for everyone else. Nothing is going to change, but it would be nice if everyone just bonded on the fact that we all love wrestling.

      • I don’t condone shouting obscenities or trashing an arena but what’s wrong with getting drunk (if you can afford it and aren’t going to drive) and rowdy? The cities you just named have the best shows. Like I stated above, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed but if someone purchases a ticket to a pro wrestling event, this isn’t the opera!

        • GODSENT68

          I agree on the you paid so enjoy yourself, but there is a time and place. No HOF isn’t the opera but still a prestigious event.

          • >HOF a prestigious event.
            >Has Donald Trump headline.
            I think calling it “prestigious” is a bit too much.

          • A prestigious pro wrestling event that if it weren’t for the rowdy fans, wouldn’t exist!

  • _JIM_

    The “cheatin husband” sign is pretty funny, yet quite sad, all at the same time. I wonder if the people sitting around himnoticed it and if they gave him a hard time. It’s pretty strange that the woman with the sign would actually spend that amount of money for a “mania” ticket just in an attempt to embarass her husband. I wonder if she’s even a fan or if she just went to the show off the sign? I’d feel like a complete douche bag if I were the cheating guy that’s for sure. Especially if the girl he was with didn’t know he was married! That would’ve been great. lol
    I’m curious what chant at the HOF induction ceremony got J.R. so upset? I also love a rowdy pro-wrestling crowd, which is why I always loved going to ECW shows back in the day, but there are right and wrong places to get rowdy. It’s not like the HOF Induction Ceremony is a live wrestling event, and it isn’t exactly the right place for fans to get out of line. That’s an event where the fans should be showing the inductees and presenters the proper respect IMO. That stuff should have been saved for the actual Wrestlemnia event the next night.

  • John

    The obnoxious yelling and taunts that JR is talking about were during the speeches of Maria Menounos and Donald Trump… Which we all knew was going to happen, especially in New York.

  • Honestly if the crowd bought the tickets, and they aren’t chanting anything homophobic/racist/etc., they are allowed to chant whatever they feel like. If people really had a problem with it then maybe next time make it a closed show, or better yet move it to somewhere other than the North East.

    P.S. please don’t move it out of the North East. In fact, WM31 or WM32 in Boston please.

    • frenchfry

      we dont really have anywhere here that can hold 80k+ people

      • You’re right… but we got a football stadium south of the city that holds over 68k.

    • Matt

      nicely plagiarised comment. Rewrite exactly what was written in the article and pass it off as your own. Nice.

  • Chris

    Tell JR to get the stick out of his ass!! America has the freedom of speech for a reason!! That’s what they get for inviting Maria Menounoz??? to induct someone!! There insulting everybody by doing that!!

    • Razmos

      Dude every country has the freedom of speech, do you seriously think you are alone on this world?

    • Matt

      Oi, arsehole. Do you even get why Maria was inducting Bob? The fact they’ve be friends of FOURTEEN years means nothing? The fact he helped her get into TV and what not? I’d find it incredibly disresoectful to be inducted by a close friend too. Jesus.

  • K!ng

    Everyone cries for freedom of speech until someone uses it

  • I’d like to say a few things…first, why the hell are ppl so upset that Donald Trump is in the WWE HOF? It’s not like he’s Drew Carey! Trump actually contributed to wwe plenty of times! Remember there have been worst inductees than Trump, so get over it! Now on to what JR said…like Mr Grays said, if you don’t want the fans who paid money to go see the HOF ceremony than make it a private event! Do it like they did in 2004 simple as that!

  • PFElton

    Richard Reacts:
    I can see the argument on both sides here. I more than understand where
    JR is coming from in being respectful, however, I can also see the
    argument from a rowdy fan’s perspective. They paid to be there and
    deserve the right to cheer or boo how they see fit. Now there are
    obviously lines that can’t be crossed, such as racial/homophobic slurs

    You poor liberal. Freedom of Speech until you hear something you don’t like huh?

    • Personally people can say whatever they want to me, call me whatever they want, I just don’t care. Obama doesn’t care what people say or call him and look how he is doing. Lol

  • A Jones

    This was sent to JR:

    “As someone who was in attendance for the Hall of Fame this year I’d like
    to know if it angered many of the Superstars in attendance having to
    listen to the group of people who were chanting some very disrespectful
    things like “get the **** off the stage” at Maria Menounos,”

    Still think it’s ok for ‘rowdy fans’ to be rowdy fans at something like a HOF ceremony? That is fine for RAW, actually, it’s not, but getting into to it to that degree is more acceptable. That’s not acceptable for something that is supposed to be an honour.