Epico Frustrated About Being Left Off Wrestlemania Card; Lack Of TV Time

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- Epico wrote the following on Twitter:


  • Alex P

    I feel like Epico is starting to act like how his cousin Carlito used to act…

    • WyFo

      That’s exactly what I thought.

  • Gesusoliver

    the US title wasn't on the line..

    • Alex

      But the US champion still had a match though.

      • Gesusoliver

        barely a match. They were at mania what are they complaining? They could be Yoshi Tatsu and not even be near the card or worse, in FCW. Just be quiet and enjoy the pay day in my opinion.

  • Frank The Tank

    And the new tag teams champs are going to be….

  • Whammaster

    He has every right to be angry

    • Jim P.

      He has every right to be frustrated, but he's not smart to voice it. Unless this is the beginning of some sort of work, I think we'll be wishing him well in his future endeavors, if he keeps it up. Any doubts, ask John Morrison.

      • Joe O.

        Morrison’s contract was up and they tried to resign him but he didn’t want to. He left on his own and is on good terms with WWE.

  • JamieSNZ

    Did anyone see the US Title? Santino wasn't even announced as such!

  • christopher525

    I had hopes of Carlito coming back to lead his brother and cousin, from the looks of it though, someone else may be joining him in the unemployment line. Primo just can't catch a damn break.

  • Joe

    I agree if they want to fix the tag team division they need to add them more on TV

  • jdl

    You have to earn your spot on the Mania card, he hasn't done anything to earn it. Holding the lowest ranked belt in the entire country, and winning it at a house show is not the way to earn your spot.

    • Mr.Love

      How did khali earn his spot on the wrestlemania card?

  • Hardy

    To be honest he is lucky he even had a match because it wasn’t till close to mania that their match was announced. This sort of attitude is only going to give him heat and less tv time, and possibly lose the titles.

  • Paul

    Maybe if people cared who Epico was then he'd have a spot on the card. Maybe he should make people want to see him at Wrestlemania.

  • Brandy

    Pay your dues first, kiddo

  • Aldo T

    Primo and Epico are one hell of a tag team in my Honest opinion.

    But, he does have the right to get all pissed off and what not simply because the match could have started the show off and I guarantee that it would have gotten the crowd pumped up for the show.

    Though, WWE is lacking in the Tag Team division and it STILL saddens the hell out of me.. ._.

  • ryder

    he better get used to it the WWE doesnt care about tag teams anymore

  • DoJo

    I get Epico is upset BUT at least he got to wrestle a dark match! Tag teams in the wwe have taken a back seat – don’t know why tbh – and they need to keep putting on great matches to give VKM a reason to put tag team matches on ppv cards………. How I wish the tag team era of e&c, the dudleys & the hardys were back, classic, CLASSIC tag team wrestling!!!

  • Wwe4L76

    WWE need to do something with the tagteam and diva divition.

    • Wes

      Get rid of divas, make the few worth a fuck managers, I’d rather see a tag squash match than a garbage divas match

  • Philip Thompson

    The WWE doesn't care about the tag titles – and has made the belts look extremely weak and worthless time and time again and has put the belts on people that are extremely undeserving of them on numerous occassions. Anyone who watched NXT a couple of weeks ago will have seen William Regals efforts to bring back high quality tag team wrestling – maybe they should put him in charge of the WWE tag division? But, they'd need to have some genuine tag teams and a stipulation that creative couldn't interfere by having a singles wrestler run through tag teams in handicap matches just to show how 'strong' the singles competitior is – because all it does is make tag team wrestlers look weak – looking back in wrestling history there have been dozens of brilliant tag teams and I think that tag team wrestling needs far more focus than it's had. Tag team wrestling is actually really good because it gives wrestlers a great opportunity to have a rest in matches between high energy spots – so it helps sustain pace in a match instead of long periods of wrestlers lying on the mat together doing very little. Epico also has a point in that Wrestlemania not being Concertmania… but I fear that this outburst could see them lose the belts and also possibly cut, unless this is all part of an upcoming angle… which you never know.

  • Charles

    Didn’t they win the tag titles in a non televised match? Well anyway I’m sure they’ll be on tv soon to drop the belts after this little rant.

  • Jameson

    Someomes gonna get some heat…

  • Guy Landau

    It's sad that both Frank the Tank and Whammaster have valid points. He has every right to be angry, and yet this rant is possibly going to cost him and Primo their titles.

  • fletch

    B4 epico start complaining he should b glad he has a job. I didn’t pay 2c him preform. Glad he was on the preshow

  • Mike Brailsford

    Even with an 18 second match. Can't blame him at all.

  • Razmos01

    The only reason he is a tag team champ is because Evan Bourne got suspended, otherwise Kofi and Evan would have held longer, stop bitching kid atleast yoir a WWE superstar and a champ, many would kill for your spot right now

    • Cam

      I’d kill him, in a heart beat

  • VLG

    Non-televised title win leads to non-televised Wrestlemania match. I don't see the problem? Epico fought where he won.

  • Stan

    Guys this is obviously a work. You’d have to be incredibly stupid to be voicing frustrations so close to post-Wrestlemania cuts. If ppl could voice their frustration without the fear of being fired, people like Alex Riley, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater would be doing in quite often! Wwe is lovIng how Superstats can use twitter to further their characters. This is definitely going somewhere…storyline wise!

  • Brandon

    Yeah, thanks to "Concertmania", Sheamus is the new World Champion in just 18 seconds and got boo-ed his @$$ out of MIami and he's a face. Oh, well. At least I got a chance at say this; "YES! YES! YES!" for more than 3 hours plus on Raw the next night.

  • Aldin94

    When i went to a Smackdown taping i noticed people taking about primo and rosa but they couldnt remember what epico’s name was. So i think he should do something so people can notice him. Honestly hes really boring.