Epico's Twitter Rant A Work; WWE Encouraging In-Character Tweets

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The Twitter rant posted by Epico about being left off Wrestlemania XXVIII and his lack of television time was a work. WWE has instructed workers to Tweet more in-character as part of their continued commitment to social media.

  • Pizzaman

    The real epico would say that _|+|_
    Yah buddy!!!!!!!!

  • Aldin94

    That just shows that wwe knows what we want but still can care less. How sad!

  • Andrew

    Wouldn’t surprise me if voice has forced Shemus to get a twitter as it was only couple weeks back he said he wouldn’t get on

  • Ben Cliff

    I unfollowed every wrestler who tweets in character. I find it patronising and feel like I am being taken for a fool. Do the PG Era kids think wrestling is real? Are their parents morons for not telling them?

    If you go to the theatre and have the good fortune to meet some of the cast afterwards, the guy playing Sweeney Todd does not try to entice you into his chair.

    Randy Orton doesn’t tweet in character, and as such is the only wrestler I follow.

  • PhilT81

    They want the characters to be close to reality but they don’t want anything said that would hurt the company or it’s image or a main event talent. Twitter is becoming mandatory as several stars who said they wouldn’t get one now have them. Must be a pain having to remain in character. It would be funny if they got their twitters blocked for getting into a worked war of words. It does encourage wrestlers to take more creative responsibility.

  • bruno

    is epico a face or heel. A champion i have never heard