Eric Bischoff Calls Jeremy Borash A Low Rent Bit Player & Says He Should Be Fortunate He Has A Job

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As arrogant as Eric Bischoff can come off this could just be his attempt to rib the Internet, so take this for what its worth and nothing more but Bischoff posted the following on his Facebook page:

Just had a beer here in Nashville. Bartender asked me I worked for the boss "Jeremy Borash". When I asked "WTF" that was supposed to mean, I was told emphatically that Jeremy has represented himself as an "owner" of TNA. Jeremy is a low rent bit player who should be fortunate he has a job.

  • Ellen

    Now Eric, that's the pot calling the kettle black! Storylines are great, aren't they?

  • Gary Matthews

    Wow JB is fortunate? More like Mr “Monday Night Ratings” himself should count himself lucky. At least JB isn’t pushing a talentless offspring instead of focusing on the talent who deserve spots.

  • khalkaroth

    Ah, what can be said… oh yes, I know!

    "**** you Bischoff! *clapclap clapclapclap* **** you Bischoff! *clapclap clapclapclap* **** you Bischoff!

  • Abe

    Whether this is true or not he'll get a little heat and then say oh stupid marks believe anything, why bother posting anything bitchoff has to say

  • Stoney

    Bischoff only ever had one brilliant idea and that was it, he has such an undeserved ego

  • PFElton

    Calm down, it's clearly a Work. People take the internetz too damn seriously.